View Full Version : Xenotar 150/2,8

9-Dec-2005, 10:34
Dear LF people
I have been searcing for this massive normal for handheld shooting with my Master Technika, but they dont seem to be around that much.
Does any of you have 1st hand experiences with this lens ? I would prefer Copal 3 over the Compur 2...but I dont think it would be wise to be selective with a rare lens.....

Jim Galli
9-Dec-2005, 11:29
Martin, check your email at photogrphica. Jim

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
9-Dec-2005, 18:31
I use one pretty frequently. Its a big hunk of glass, and at f/2.8 throws a decent but soft image. Stopped down a bit the image is very sharp and contrasty. IC is about 170mm. I have a very late model from 1979 which was sold in a no. 3 shutter, but most I have seen are no. 2. I don't like how it renders out of focus areas (which is pretty important at f/2.8), but over all it is a good lens, and probably the best speed lens you will "easily" find to cover 4x5...

Darin Cozine
9-Dec-2005, 20:50
Dan Fromm has good things to say about a similar lens, the leitz elcan. Maybee he will chime in.

Dan Fromm
10-Dec-2005, 06:19
Darin, I recant.

My little 6"/2.8 Elcan was made for a camera that shoots 6x6 on 70 mm film, won't come close to covering 4x5. There's another much bigger 6"/2.8 Elcan that will cover 4x5; and that's all I know about it. Other aerial camera lenses for cameras that shoot 4.5 x 4.5 on 5" roll film turn up on eBay. I've never even touched one, they're too big for me.