View Full Version : Convert Syncro-Compur 00 to Copal 0 shutter?

Matthew Cromer
9-Dec-2005, 08:30
The shutter for my Schneider Super-Angulon 65/8 is unrepairable.

How can I convert this lens which is designed for a 00 shutter to a size 0 shutter?

John Berry ( Roadkill )
9-Dec-2005, 08:52
Wouldn't it be cheaper to get another 00 shutter? Unless you have a time frame that won't let you wait for one to show up.

Aaron van de Sande
9-Dec-2005, 08:54
I have a little NIB prontor press shutter i think is 00 I will sell it to you cheap. If your interested I will check it tonight.

Matthew Cromer
9-Dec-2005, 09:13
Thanks for the offer Aaron.

This thread (http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=0085qL) seems to indicate that the prontor press and syncro compur 00 are different sizes.

David Van Gosen
9-Dec-2005, 09:33
S.K. Grimes could probably make some bushings for it. You should call & ask them for an estimate. It might be cheaper to look around for another lens that has ugly glass but a good shutter.

And MidWest has a 65/8 Caltar-W II for $249 at the moment.

Dan Fromm
9-Dec-2005, 10:00
Matthew, the #00 Compurs -- -Rapid and Synchro- -- are threaded identically to the #00 Prontor Press and they are the same thickness.

The #00 electric Ilex (I think that's who made it) mentioned in the thread you referenced is threaded the same as #00 Compurs but is thinner. When I wanted to transfer what seem to be 65/8 Ilex Acugon lens cells from it to a #00 Compur, Steve Grimes removed a little metal from the Compur so that the cells would seat on it the right distance apart.

If I were you I'd accept Aaron's kind offer to sell you a #00 Prontor Press. The worst that can happen is that it isn't a #00, and I expect that in that case he'll take it back. The only reason not to want a press shutter is expecting to face a combination of film speed, lighting, and aperture that requires a shutter speed faster than 1/125. FWIW, I shoot mainly ISO 100 films, haven't yet felt the need to put an ND filter on my little 47/5.6 SA in #00 Prontor Press.

Also get an estimate on bushings plus a #0. I hope you have a #0 on hand, new ones run around $300.

Good luck,

Steve Hamley
9-Dec-2005, 10:02

Jim has a 65mm f/4 Nikkor SW that would make the perfect Christmas gift for your wife to give you... Problem solved!

First, I'd get on the phone to Quality Camera, Lens and Repro, Photo Gizzmo, and MPEX and see if they have anything with bad glass in a Compur 00. If they do, you'd probably only be out about $100.

The next cheapest thing would be to trade with Jim for the Caltar and take whatever you can get for yours - whatever you get is basically "found" money considering the cost of mounting cells in a new shutter. S.K. Grimes will charge $475 for mounting and shutter (about $275 to mount, $200 for the shutter), so that Caltar looks pretty good.

And if you did remount them, you'd have another $500 in a $250 lens.

BTW, who said it was unrepairable?


Matthew Cromer
9-Dec-2005, 12:12

I'd love to pick up that NIB 00 prontor press if it will fit Syncro Compur 00-mounted lens cells. Max speed of 1/125 is perfectly fine with me as I shoot landscapes.

The LF guy at my local shop said he wanted to give it one more try to get the shutter ring unjammed, but he said it's looking very grim for repairing the existing shutter. So there is a slim possibility that he can fix it. A NIB shutter sounds better to me than a work out shutter that has broken twice (the seller sent it to me broken, then fixed it).

How much for the prontor press?

Matthew Cromer
9-Dec-2005, 13:27

You know I'm married to horse lovers therefore I am perpetually broke! Therefore no lenses over $300 will ever come down the chimney in my house. The money for that 65/4 Nikkor would buy a nice new saddle!

Aaron van de Sande
9-Dec-2005, 16:20
Shoot me an email and I will let you know.

Steve Hamley
9-Dec-2005, 17:17

Send me your e-mail too; you have a new one right? Thanks!


Mike Kovacs
9-Dec-2005, 17:37
Do a huge number of folding 35mm and 120 cameras not use the #00 size Compur? OK not a proper view camera shutter with preview but if you can find one with a cable release socket on the shutter itself and not the body...

Karel Prokes
21-Dec-2008, 13:39
excuse me asking..
I am at the moment looking for the compur # 00 lens board for my Horseman 5x4 camera.. would you by any chance have spare on to give/sell away?

Thank you very much

23-Dec-2008, 01:51
The shutter for my Schneider Super-Angulon 65/8 is unrepairable.

How can I convert this lens which is designed for a 00 shutter to a size 0 shutter?

I have a Super Angulon f8 in a 00 shutter I'm not using anymore - I got a 65 f4 Nikkor (and my eyes thank me).

Are you interested in it? It's got a 00-to-0 adapter from SK Grimes to let me mount it on '0' lensboards.