View Full Version : arista edu 100 and 400 and hc 110

domenico Foschi
8-Dec-2005, 22:41
The question is in the subject title.
Does anybody has optimal times and dilution for development of Arista edu 100 and 400 in hc110 ?
Thank you in advance.
This would be for 120 and 4 x 5 .

Paul Fitzgerald
9-Dec-2005, 06:20
Hi there,


Just a thought

Michael Graves
9-Dec-2005, 10:56
If it's the older Arista Edu, I get very good results using Dilution H (1:63), 12 minutes at 68 degrees. Five minutes in Dilution B was a bit too short for my tastes, and the usual idea of doubling development time for doubled dilutions resulted in insufficient development. I'm about out of the older stuff and just received 100 sheets of the Ultra. Haven't calibrated for that yet. Seems like a good weekend chore, seeing as to how we're being slammed by a blizzard.

eric mac
9-Dec-2005, 23:11
I went through testing the older Arista Edu last spring. For 4x5, I ended up settling on Hc110 Dilution b for 6 minutes @68 degrees. I use tray processing with continuous rocking agitation. This is for the 400 shot at EI 200. Looking at Michael's post, this seems pretty close to his results if you extrapolate the times and dilutions.

BTW is snow a good test for Zone viii? :>)


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