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Don Hall
27-Dec-1999, 20:47
Does anyone know where I can get my Arca Swiss B1 repaired. The knob that tight ens the quick release plate has stripped out and will no longer tighten.. I orig inally purchased it from Kirk Enterprises but they informed me that they no long er have anything to do with Arca Swiss ball heads. Don Hall

James Chow
27-Dec-1999, 22:06
Really Right Stuff offers their own line of improved knobs for the B1. Check their webpage.

Garrett Adams
27-Dec-1999, 22:12
Don, I suggest you perform a search over in the Medium Format Forum: http://db.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a.tcl?topic=Medium%20Format%20Digest

Earlier this month there were some threads regarding Arca-Swiss ballhead repairs. One of the posters ( from Chicago I believe) gave his contact info and said his was an official Arca repair facility.

Garrett Adams
27-Dec-1999, 22:27
Don, I feed you the wrong link, it was the photo.net Q&A. Here's the link directly to the thread in question: http://photo.net//bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=000h60 ------------ And a paste of one of the messages I referred to:

Dear Mister Chiang

Please contact our Service Department in Chicago for a check-up. Average Service time is less than 4 days. In urgent cases ARCA-SWISS can provide also a loaner Monoball. Before sending your Monoball to Chicago, please try to clean your ball with alcohol. DO NOT USE ANY LUBRICANTS as stated in the Manual. Otherwise, your Monoball has to be cleaned entirely. (Costly experiment)

ARCA-SWISS Inc. Phone: (773) 248 2513 Fax: (773) 248 2774 e-mail: arcaswiss@aol.com Kind regards ARCA-SWISS International, Customer Support -- Customer Service, December 8, 1999

Don Hall
27-Dec-1999, 22:53
James and garrett: Thanks for the info, just what I wanted.

Mike Kravit
2-Feb-2000, 22:03
I just wanted to add that I sent my Arca Swiss B1 to Chicago for service 3 weeks ago after inadvertently over tightening the panning screw (and denting the inner ring) . I got it back yesterday. It functions better than when I first bought it. I asked them to repair the panning function. They cleaned and adjusted the entire device. Arca Swiss gets an A+ in my book.

Dick Stahlke
11-Jun-2001, 15:27
I just called Arca Swiss this morning to ask about service on a B-1 ballhead that locked up and refuses to cooperate. I was told that I could expect a 7 - 10 day turnaround and that an estimate of cost would be provided. The contact information is as follows: (773) 248- 2513, and I was instructed to ship it to Arca Swiss at 532 W. Grant Place, Chicago, IL 60614. Sooooo, I'll see how efficient their service is!!!

Mike Pilllips
12-Nov-2001, 11:06
Don were you able to get your B1 Ball head fixed by Arca Swiss and if I may ask what do they charge for repairs. Mike Phillips