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Jerry Cunningham
8-Dec-2005, 08:28
I am looking at an Macbeth color Densitometer TD 903. Can one do black and white negatives on this unit? Thanks

neil poulsen
8-Dec-2005, 10:01
I'm not familiar with this particular densitometer. Unless it's specialized, one can most likely do b&w negatives. Is this one you can look at?

To test these, you can get a Stouffer's uncalibrated step wedge and check out whether or not a densitometer is working OK . These step wedges come with readings from a reliable densitometer of each step. This enables you check several values.

Do you want to read Pyro negatives, or some sort of stained versus traditional silver negatives? If so, you need a UV capability in a densitometer. The Stouffer's step wedge will not help you determine if you can properly read Pyro negatives with a densitometer.

I have Stouffer Graphic Arts Equipment Co.location as being in South Bend, Indiana, 46628.

Brian Ellis
8-Dec-2005, 14:04
I have the 903 and yes, you can read b&w negatives with it. When you get yours you'll see a wheel with a set of red, green and blue dots on either side,. One side contains the filters used for color slides, the other for color negatives. You don't care about those filters but in between the two sets of colors you'll see an orange dot. That's the filter used for b&w negatives.

I'm moving and don't have room in my new house for the 903. If you're interested in purchasing it send me an email.