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Don Dudenbostel
31-Jan-2020, 12:51
I got my first camera, a Brownie Starflash, for my 7th birthday in 1955. I loved that camera and used to carry it to school with me and make photo's of my classmates and teachers. I even took an interest in documenting events that I saw that interested me. 64 years after getting my first camera I'm still documenting what I see that interests me. Actually that Brownie lead to a 52 year career as a photographer.

I still have many of the negatives that I made and thought it would be fun to see if others have some of their early photo's.

All photo's were made with my Brownie on Verichrome (ortho) film. The location was Elm Grove School in Oak Ridge Tennessee. The city was built in 1942 for the war effort. It was known as the secret city where even the construction workers didn't know what they were building or what for. Oak Ridge is where the Uranium for the first atomic bombs was enriched.

Don Dudenbostel
31-Jan-2020, 12:53
A couple more.

The train wreck is over the Clinch River where a bridge collapsed as a coal train was crossing.

31-Jan-2020, 13:22
My first camera was a Brownie Starflash as well! I printed this photo (circa 1967) of my brother and nephew in the family bathroom, with bath towels over the window to block out light. This is almost certainly photographed on Verichrome Pan as well.


And Mom on the sofa:

Don Dudenbostel
31-Jan-2020, 14:34
Paul your photo of your mom reminds me of one I have of my mother too and have one of my grandmother that looks a lot like that but were shot in the mid 50's.

I've done the bathroom darkroom too and done the kitchen at night as well.

Beautiful images!

Don Dudenbostel
31-Jan-2020, 15:00
These were from my high school days in the mid 60's and were from one of the first pay jobs I ever shot. I was for a young rock band album cover. I borrowed my dads Rolleicord and loaded it up with Verichrome pan and shot away.

31-Jan-2020, 19:31
Cool stuff people. Thanks

Don Dudenbostel
21-Feb-2020, 12:24
I located the first image I made with my mothers Ansco 620 box camera in 1953. The image of my older brother was on the same roll.

21-Feb-2020, 12:45
A truck lost control and ended up in our front yard, 1965. Yashica 44LM.