View Full Version : Is the Azo all gone-o?

David Honey
6-Dec-2005, 20:14
Can I still get a box somewhere...

Or isn't anyone saying?


6-Dec-2005, 21:19
try http://www. michaelandpaula.com

they sell Azo they might sell you some grade F2


Michael Kadillak
6-Dec-2005, 21:36
There are a couple of resellers that may still have a few boxes of Grade 2 around. If Michael Smith is out, you can try B&H Adorama or Badger.

Good Luck!

David Honey
6-Dec-2005, 22:08
Thanks guys; they do indeed have it, but only in 8x10 or larger.

What should I do for 4x5" contacts? I guess 1/4-sheets of 8x10 is a little tight if you want a border..

Thanks for the replies!

6-Dec-2005, 22:12
I don't know anything about Azo but I have this:

Unopened, sealed, 250 sheet box of

10"x10" HALOID F2 contact paper

expires October, 1954

(was '54 a good year?)

I sure won't be using it.

A couple folks here (or somewhere) got some from me.

This is the last box.

(gosh only knows what I'll find next as I clean up the storeroom)

David Honey
6-Dec-2005, 22:21
John, I'm even older than that paper -- but only by a year!

If you think the it's still useable and want to get rid of it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands and give it a try.


Joe Lipka
7-Dec-2005, 10:02
ooohhhh, Haloid. One of Ed Weston's favorite papers!

Man, that's old....

Trivia Point - American Haloid became Xerox...

David Honey
7-Dec-2005, 10:06
Careful there, Joe -- like I said, I'm even older than that paper, and certainly will not outlast it!

Still wondering if it's any good... John?

7-Dec-2005, 13:59
Someone actually looked up my email address and asked to buy it early this morning. If he doesn't faint at the price (kidding), I'll come back.

Does it work? I sold two boxes and one fellow who used it said it acted like #1 (or #0 on the old Agfa scale), and needed some help with the blacks. He added some witches brew and said it's great stuff.

7-Dec-2005, 15:35
Anyone for a box of Kodak Dekko Paper (circa 1901)?

David A. Goldfarb
7-Dec-2005, 16:21
I was the one who tested some of JJ's Haloid Industro. A little foggy, but not unusable. Develop for 30 sec. in Michael Smith's amidol formula for enlarging papers (you may need to adjust the amount of benzotriazole), and it comes out to be a grade softer than Canadian Azo grade 2. This is handy, if you've got alt-process negs, or the occasional neg that's too contrasty even for Azo grade 2.

7-Dec-2005, 17:54
So, David, is that a Good Thing?

David A. Goldfarb
7-Dec-2005, 21:42
Well, it is good for me, since I have negatives that fall in that range for albumen printing and occasionally some that I'd intended for Azo grade 2 but overdeveloped, but someone who is struggling to get negs that are contrasty enough for Azo (seems to be a common problem with new Azo users), will find it kind of flat.

Richard Ide
8-Dec-2005, 10:55

The only AZO'S left are the ones runnning Kodak