View Full Version : FP4 and Fx1

5-Dec-2005, 12:53
I have developed my first film FP4 8x10" with fx1, I have exposed the film for 200 iso and I developer with fx 1 for 16' with pre soak of 2'.
They are not content of the result why I find it are to us too much grain. Someone knows gives some council to me in merit?

Bobby Sandstrom
5-Dec-2005, 18:08
how did you agitate and what temperature did you use?

6-Dec-2005, 03:51
In tray to 20C.

Brian Ellis
6-Dec-2005, 04:27
I'm not familiar with the developer you're using but 16 minutes is an unusually long time for normal development with most developers. Overdevelopment can lead to excessive grain, possibly that's your problem. Was 16 minutes at your temperature and agitation method the manufacturer's recommendation for this film? Tray development is usually constant agitation and if the time you used was the manufacturer's suggested time for tanks (which usually aren't constantly agitated) that too would lead to overdevelopment and possibly excess grain.

Also, you exposed at an EI of 200, which is above the manufacturer's rating for this film. While it's not unheard of to use an EI higher than the manufacturer's rating it's pretty rare, much more common to use a lower EI. How did you arrive at 200?

Bobby Sandstrom
7-Dec-2005, 12:40
stefano your time/temp is correct. You should try agitating first 45 sec then 10 sec every 2 minutes. I agitate by simply lifting the film out of the developer, draining, then replacing. Also, are you enlarging?

8-Dec-2005, 01:32
Hi bobby
For the moment I pass scanner to the film, then print with ink jet printed.