View Full Version : schneider centre filter # IV - for what lens?

tor kviljo
4-Dec-2005, 08:40
Cleaning the closet for odd LF stuff to help ebay along (....), a large Schneider centre filter aquired in a trade-deal is on it's way off. But I have a problem of with this one, as I do not know which lens it would work properly on. It comes in a fitted, brown leather case, have black (heavy) mount of nothing less than 110mm outer diametre and will fit on lenses with 82mm filter threads. There is no manual/directions with it, and the only indication is that it's written "Center - filter IV" on the outer side of mount, and a paper-sticker on the leather case also stating "IV". I would be happy if any of You could tell me which lens (es) it will work on so I am able to ad. it properly.


Barry Wilkinson
4-Dec-2005, 09:25
Info from Schneider here...


However, they list a IVa and IVb only.



paul owen
4-Dec-2005, 10:26
Pretty sure its for the old 90mm 5.6 and the 120mm f8 - reason being I'm looking for just the thing!!! Are you planning on selling if so let me know :)

Bob Younger
4-Dec-2005, 10:38
If you happen to discover that it's a IVa with a 95mm filter thread I'd very much like to discuss its acquisition with you.
I have the 150mm SS XL but have been reluctant to fork out the $$$$ for a new center filter. So, let me know.
Bob Younger

George Hart
4-Dec-2005, 12:53
Schneider's "Large format lenses" pdf indicates that the IV filter is for the old-style Super-Angulons 5.6/90 and 8/120. Unfortunately they don't say how many bids you could expect for one of them!

tor kviljo
5-Dec-2005, 01:14
Thanks alot for info! The old 120/8 is pretty rare, I belive, but the 90/5.6 much more common, so I guess there is people out who could use this one.

Ole Tjugen
6-Dec-2005, 04:12
With a step-up ring it is also the recommended filter for the 121mm f:8 Super Angulon - like mine :)