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David G. Gagnon
3-Dec-2005, 19:02

I've got a 16 x 20 "Colortronic" print processing drum that I am trying to make work for a 20x24 print to not have to buy a larger drum or trays for which I don't have enough room for. My first print looked pretty good at first.... until I noticed that the developer did not get to the entire print. The short side of the print overlaps where it is curled to fit into the drum, and I suspect this is what caused it. I thought this may happen.

For the question....couldn't I put a sheet of something in there to create enough of a void to allow the chemicals to get to the whole surface of the print? I was wondering about fiberglass window screen. If it ends up being thick enough, do you think that it would soak up the chemicals and cause problems from developer to stop to fix? Any other suggestions for what to place in there would be welcome. It would need to be soft but not able to absorb liquid.

Thanks in advance.


Michael Graves
3-Dec-2005, 19:15
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but won't the fiberglass screen leave marks on the print? I would also be afraid of the contamination you mentioned. But it'll only cost you a sheet of paper to try. You already spent one finding out about the overlap problem.

Graham Patterson
3-Dec-2005, 21:06
Even assuming you can create a spacer for the overlap, won't the developer flow around the step be uneven doing roll agitation?

Standing the tank on end and filling it would avoid that problem, but it would be very heavy.

3-Dec-2005, 21:53
Considering the cost of 20x24 paper I wonder how many sheets you'd have to waste before it would be cheaper to just buy a new Jobo 3063 tank? Used ones are going for less then $100 usually.

It would seem to me that your idea of creating a void behind the print is going to cause new problems. The chemicals need to rotate around the outside of the drum. With your idea the drum is either going to be heading towards the gap and the chemicals would be going mostly behind the print. Or it will be spinning the other direction and the chemicals would never get behind the print. If that makes any sense.

Sanders McNew
5-Dec-2005, 07:08
Different question: Jobo recommends that only RC paper be processed in its drums. Why? Does fiber paper collapse into the drum? Is anyone onlist processing fiber paper in drums? If so, comments?

Sanders McNew

Mark Sampson
5-Dec-2005, 10:28
I would imagine that fiber-base paper would retain too much liquid from step to step in drum processing- which might mean uneven developing or fixing. With non-absorbent materials, film or RC paper, the chemistry in each step can be removed quickly and completely. Real paper might stick to the drum, too. Just speculation on my part, I'm sure someone has done it successfully.

5-Dec-2005, 11:07
I think Jobo claimed the ridges left marks on the back of the print.

"JOBO does not recommend processing Fiber Based print paper in our print drums. The raised ridges on the inside of the drums may mark the paper, and rinsing in the drum may not be satisfactory."

Washing isn't a big issue if you are willing to wash outside of the tank.