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Mark Stahlke
3-Dec-2005, 14:34

Let me start by saying that I know almost nothing about E6 film processing. I simply drop my film off at a lab and let them worry about it. To date, I have only used quickloads, no sheet film. I plan to correct that situation in the hear future, thus my question.

Do different E6 based films require different processing?

When I take sheet film to the lab should I seperate different brands and different ISO ratings or can I just throw a mixture of different films, say 1/2 Velvia 50 and 1/2 E100G, in a box and expect to get correct results? I'm assuming all normal processing - no pushing or pulling.

Thanks for enlightening me.


Harley Goldman
3-Dec-2005, 14:44
You can throw it all in the same box. E6 processing is the same no matter the film, as long as you are not pushing or pulling. If you sent it in separately, the lab would probably process it all in the same batch anyway.

Mark Stahlke
3-Dec-2005, 21:34
Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know and what I wanted to hear too.


mark anderson
4-Dec-2005, 08:41
i do my own 35mm e6 at home using a tetnal 3- bath kit. although i'm sure profesional labs use other chemistry.

the instuctions say to add 16% to the first developer times for fuji films

i would ask your lab before taking any thing for granted, sorry if i just made your life more dificult but in e-6 development it seems to me that 16% could be a lot of differance

Ted Harris
4-Dec-2005, 11:19
Your processing methodology makes mroe of a difference than the film you are processing. Temperature is far more critical for E6 processing than it is for black and white. Processing times also vary according to the method ... e.g. manual inversion in a tank, manual rotation (such as a drum or BTZS tubes), rotary processor (such as Jobo), tray development ....

FYI I use a Jobo ATL230 and routinely process different emulsions in the same run although I generall yhave enough to do that I can fill a 3006 drum with the same emulsion.