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Michael Kadillak
2-Dec-2005, 15:15
Over the last several months I found an angle to get Kodak's attention on the subject of securing T Max 400 in LF and ULF sizes and am working on the final negotiations with Kodak to see if they will be reasonable with the price to pull this off. As you all know, working in the reasonable realm is difficult with a company that has a history of being unreasonable but in any event, I feel it is worth a try. Here is what I need help with to either close this deal at a price that I feel will work or walk away.

If you can e-mail me at m.kadillak@comcast.net with the number of boxes (25 sheets per box) of each size film you would be interested in purchasing I would greatly appreciate it. I would ask that while this "interest" is truly a non-committal on your part, please be as honest and as reasonable as you can. If you are not really going to follow through on your "commitment" in good faith, I would rather that you do not commit at this time. If this does come together we will get back with you and give you detailed pricing and other pertinent details. If it falls apart, I can tell you right now it will be because Kodak is being unreasonable with the price they want for this film. We are talking of a time line that is within weeks of a go - no go decision and I will post the results here shortly.

Here are the sizes we are considering. Assume that the number of sheets per box is 25:

5x7, 5x12, 11x14, 7x17, 8x20 and 12x20

I thank you for responding and I hope that this comes together.

Pass the word around.


2-Dec-2005, 15:36
Michael for my part I can give a better idea of how many boxes I would be interested in if I have a ballpark price idea per box.
I would be interested in 12x20. Would it be 150 dollars a box or 400?

clay harmon
2-Dec-2005, 17:00
Probably closer to 400 than 150. Two years ago, Kodak was wanting ~ $325/box for a big order of Tri-X in 12x20

Mark Woods
2-Dec-2005, 18:10
Hello Michael,

I would be interested in 100 5x7 -- depending upon the price. Thank you for taking the trouble to try to make this happen.

Kind Regards,


2-Dec-2005, 18:26
Help me out; what is the virtue of a t-grain film for contact prints?

Jorge Gasteazoro
2-Dec-2005, 18:39
Help me out; what is the virtue of a t-grain film for contact prints?

The primary advantage is reciprocity. A negative that I need to expose for 20 minutes might need 1 hour or more with convetional grain films. Less important is the grain, 400 TMY compares very well with FP4+ with 2 more stops in speed and much better reciprocity behavior.

I personally like better the tonal relationship of convetnional films, but TMY is unbeateable for ULF when used with small apertures and long exposure times.

2-Dec-2005, 19:07
I would be interested in five boxes - 5 x7 assuming the price is within reason.

Thanks for moving this along.


Ken Lee
2-Dec-2005, 19:08
JJ - According to Professor Sandy King's sensitometric research, TMY in Pyrocat HD responds in a very linear manner to changes in development time, making it a great film for those who like to control contrast by development: users of the Zone System and Beyond the Zone System, as well as those who practice development by inspection. Compared to other films, it has a very long straight-line section, much like that of FP4, (his favorite among the 100-speed films). There are a lot of people whose personal experience has confirmed his findings. Add to that, it's superior reciprocity characteristics, and you have a hit.

Michael Kadillak
2-Dec-2005, 19:16
Thanks Abel. I will add you to the list.

As per the previous question on the virtue of T Grain films for contact printing - In addition to what Jorge mentioned, T Max 400 builds virtually linear density in the upper portion of the density curve with out "turning over " which is exactly what the doctor ordered for contact printing with slow silver chloride papers or work with alt processes that have similar higher negative density requirements. The advantage for the T grain within the emulsion is clearly not necessary for most of the formats listed.


Robert A. Zeichner
2-Dec-2005, 19:58
Michael, Thanks so much for taking the time to pursue this. In a time when the voice of the LF community seems to fall on deaf ears at EKC, it's great to hear even the faintest sign of hope. I've liked T-Max 400 for many years and was just on the cusp of moving to 5x7 from 4x5 when Kodak announced it was discontinuing 5x7 T-Max 400. I made the move anyway and have been nursing a few dozen sheets for awhile now, but very much wish to standardize on it if you succeed in hitting the right nerve in Rochester. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Robert Skeoch
2-Dec-2005, 19:59
When do you want to know by.
-Rob Skeoch

2-Dec-2005, 20:00

Thanks for your comments, with which I agree completely. TMAX-400 has oustanding expansion and contraction potential, something appreciated by some smart Zone type folks, and most BTZS people. (obvious sub-text is that BTZS is a much more refined system than Zone).

As others have mentioned, TMAX-400 also has great linearity (straight-line curves) and outstanding response to reciprocity.

Bob Eskridge
3-Dec-2005, 04:54
I have switched to T-400 for much of my roll film needs. And was just about to order some in 8X10 and cut it down to 5X7. But hesitated because if everybody did that Kodak would NEVER bring the 5X7 size back. Put me down for 5 boxes - if the price is right of course.

3-Dec-2005, 05:06
5 boxes of 8x20 here

Rob Vinnedge
3-Dec-2005, 09:46

Is there any chance at all of 14X17 and 16X20 sizes?

Paul Fitzgerald
3-Dec-2005, 21:29

4 boxes of 5X7, more depending on price.

Thanks for trying.

Dennis Greaney
4-Dec-2005, 08:15
Thank you for your efforts here.
8 - 10 boxes -25 - 5 x 7--
2 - 4 boxes 25 - 8 x 10

Dennis Greaney

Tom Franks
4-Dec-2005, 16:59
I would be interested in 8 to 10 - 25 sheet boxes of 5x7. Good luck.

John Z.
5-Dec-2005, 13:47
I would want to buy 200-300 sheets of 5x7, thanks.

Jon Wilson
5-Dec-2005, 21:44
Depending on the per box price, I would see me purchasing 4 to 5 boxes of 5x7, 4 boxes of 8x10, and 2 boxes of 11x14.

BTW, I am going to make an 11x14 back for a large studio camera. Anyone have any reasonably priced 11x14 backs (gg not required) available? if so, email me. Thanks.

Terry Schulz
6-Dec-2005, 22:07
I would be interested in 20, 25 sheet boxes of 5 x 7 for starters. This film stores in my freezer for at least 3 years with negligible increase in film fog. So other people could consider larger quantities if Kodak will only agree to a one shot production.

Michael Kadillak
15-Dec-2005, 16:19
Hey All-

New post on T Max 400 pricing. Check it out and get back with us.

We were able to strike a deal!


michael Allen
20-Dec-2005, 22:52
Two 25 sheet boxes of 11x14 please.