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Victor Samou Wong
1-Dec-2005, 21:03
Howdy folks.

I am trying out fiber based papers by virtue of some agfa classic. But I know almost not much other than it requires more washing.

I am wondering if some of the wise here can direct me to any websites that cover printing with fiber based papers from start to dry press.

Especially the dry press bit. I have successfully printed some curly beauties and so it's time to flatten them onto... something archival I guess. Any recommendations as to mounting materials is quite welcome, especially if they're economical.

jonathan smith
2-Dec-2005, 03:06
You know, I haven't used any yet, but I bought a box of adhesive sheets meant to be a substitute for dry mounting. They're mylar sheets with adhesive on both sides. They're about $1.00 each but no need for a press. I got them at BH. It's called Galerie Mount by Visual Pursuits.

Jeff Morfit
2-Dec-2005, 06:10
Light Impressions also sells cold mounting supplies which uses a special adhesive that allows you the luxury of repositioning prints for up to three minutes once they have been mounted to the board.


Jim Ewins
2-Dec-2005, 23:11
I've used Scotch 568 Positionable Mounting Adhesive obtaineed from Light Impressions (their #14669). Works great on RC and Ok on FB. Comes 16" x 50 ft.

John Sarsgard
3-Dec-2005, 05:07
I'm sure the input you've received will help with mounting, but you still have to find out how you'll dry/flatten the prints. I squeegee them on a flat surface and dry on screens (plastic, not metal) then use a dry mounting press for 2 minutes to flatten between two pieces of mat board. Without any more gear, you could squeegee the prints and dry between several layers of photographic blotter material, under a heavy weight.
Another approach is to squeegee onto clean glass and use artist's tape to hold down the edges.

Daniel Schmidt
3-Dec-2005, 13:12
a good start would be to
read all of the posts on "mounting and finishing" at M&P's Azo site:


Victor Samou Wong
3-Dec-2005, 21:01
Thank's John and dan, that sounds good. I'll have to try flattening it between matt board since I have access to a mounting press. However they're dry already, so this is a bit of a problem. Should this be something that I should jsut go ahead with still?

Daniel Schmidt
4-Dec-2005, 16:59
I find a can dry mount prints that are pretty curly, but it is easier if they are flatter. After your prints dry flatten them between two pieces of mounting board with some books on top. Give them some time and they will flatten out enough to dry mount.

Here is my workflow:

1. remove from print washer

2. squegee both sides

3. put in blotter book for about 5 min

this will remove some water but more importantly will even up the water

distribution preventing weird bumps and such

3. dry face down on screens (overnight)

4. flatten under books (2 days, usually about 6o prints in one pile)

the prints may resist just ease the books down and make sure the prints don't crease

5. pick out about ten prints , flatten under books

these prints will remain under books until i am ready to mount could be a week, a small batch will get them flat out to the edge

6. dry mount prints

The prints i dont dry mount may curl back up, so if i go back and mount more i'll flatten them under books again.