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Eric Woodbury
3-Jan-2020, 17:10
I recently purchased an 8x10 Deardorff. 1951 model. It's in USER shape, which is exactly what I wanted. No major issues with it as is, but some minor issues about which I'd like to ask you all.

1) The tripod thread is a 1/4" x 20. There is no metal plate on this model. I'd prefer 3/8" x 16, as this is what I'm using on the other camera that goes on the same tripod. Is there enough 'meat' in that threaded metal piece in camera that I can just re-tap? If not, I will probably make a new piece that is 3/8". I actually have an official metal plate for the bottom, but given its current value, the camera's current value, and the question of how long will I use this camera suggest it is better to simply re-tap or repair.

2) Pictures in link below show a crack in the rear standard along the side. Also, some separation at the top joint. Crack offers some flexure, so best to stop that now. It might be possible to inject some epoxy in there. Or perhaps a topical brace or cast could be accomplished with either thin metal and lots of screws or maybe wood. There isn't much thickness available at the bottom, but plenty at the top.


I don't want to disassemble the camera or even the rear standard. Everything needs to be repaired 'in place'. Thank you for your suggestions. -ew-

[PS, how do you all insert those big beautiful pictures into the body of your posts? The links and 'image inserts' are not nearly as nice. ]

3-Jan-2020, 17:27
I have used both epoxy and titebond for view camera wood repair. If the wood is just cracked I'd use titebond. If the wood is soft or missing volume, I'd use epoxy.

Tin Can
3-Jan-2020, 17:28
Your link does not work

A lot of us use Flickr which makes adding a pic of any size very easy

I assume since you joined in 2003 posting images has changed

Eric Woodbury
3-Jan-2020, 18:15
Link should, might, work now.

I don't know Flickr, but it sounds like social media.

Tin Can
3-Jan-2020, 21:21
Actually this forum is social media with words and images

Flickr stores images and can be 100% private

I use it to share my images here

Link should, might, work now.

I don't know Flickr, but it sounds like social media.

Eric Woodbury
3-Jan-2020, 22:10
Thanks Tin. Figured someone here would tell me this is social media. But y'all are friends. I'll reconsider in this new year.

I found tripod 3/8 on Amazon as a standard item. That part is solved.

3-Jan-2020, 22:41
Tite bond vote from me as well. You want to try and work it in quickly, it sets quick. Damp cloth for clean up. Gravity will take it anywhere down hill. I have a V8 c.1940. It's got original bellows and has a lovely used look. So many of these have been refinished, I'm leaving mine as is.