View Full Version : 210 super symmar XL for 8X10?

Mark Nowaczynski
25-Dec-1999, 13:01
The 210 super angulon was discontinued and apparently a 210 super symmar XL is ( or will be) available. Does anyone who has seen or used this lens have any comm ents/impressions?

25-Dec-1999, 21:36
The new Schneider XL lens will not be released until early spring of 2000.

Patrick Raymore
26-Dec-1999, 20:20

Can you give us a hint at what focal lengths will be released in the new Super Symmar XL series?

Masayoshi Hayashi
10-Jan-2000, 19:52
I just came across http://www.lotusviewcamera.at/lenses_e.htmlthis Lotus View Camera site which contains some information about the new Schneider lenses. I guess Schneider homepage would announce soon or later. Sorry Mark, I have not seen this lens yet....

Masayoshi Hayashi
10-Jan-2000, 20:16
Sorry, this (http://www.lotusviewcamera.at/lenses_e.html) should work.

12-Jun-2002, 18:29
I am fortunate to own this 210mm super-symmar XL, this lens cover 8x10 format and with more than enough movements! I mean really more than you need. This lens is big but small even if you compare it to 165mm super angulon. I also use 90mm super angulon on Technica camera and it use to be my favourit, if you like the quality of the super angulon then super symmar will blow you away! This 210mm super symmar lens is also the only Schneider lens that comes with METAL lens cap! As you already know, this lens is not cheap. I managed to buy a Linhof sellected one for $2100, but this is not a net price I had special direct deal with Linhof. I'm not sure how much this lens is in shops, but when i saw the lens for the first time i know where the money went and even if it was $3000 I would still buy it. I truely believe that this lens is one of the best in the market, it is a modern calssic.