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Randy Becker
28-Nov-2005, 14:08
Sorry if this was already posted here but I need some help finding a filter holder.

I won an auction for some hitech filters that are listed as 3.5x5 inches. I am planning on using them on many of my lf lenses but I seem to have about 10-14 different filter sizes. I would like to find a filter holder that has some sort of universal attachment system that will allow me to use it on many different sized lenses without having to resort to 10-14 adapter rings.

I have seem the Lee system of Gel snap (heavy duty rubber bands) that attaches to the outside of the lens. However, this won't accept a rectangular shaped filter. Is there anything like this out there? Can anyone point me in the direction of a solution?

Thanks in advance for any help.

John Mauser
28-Nov-2005, 20:28
Cokin has several filter holder sets available. The P Series holders will accept the hitech filters. You can visit their website for more info and you can buy them at bhphotovideo.com.

Randy Becker
28-Nov-2005, 21:46
Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately, doesn't the Cokin system use the adapter ring system? I was hoping to avoid having to keep track of (and purchase) lots of adapter rings.

I will check into the Cokin system though. Thanks

Brian Ellis
29-Nov-2005, 06:11
You don't absolutely have to use a holder. You can hold the filter by hand in front of the lens and trip the shutter with your other hand. I used to do that when using a circular yellow glass filter on the back half of a convertible lens and it seemed to work fine as long as I was careful not to nudge the lens with the filter while tripping the shutter and to keep my hand out of the image. It should work even better with filters as large as yours since their size will make it easier to keep your hand out of the image. I think I'd hold them by hand before I'd buy adapter rings for all your different filters.

Struan Gray
29-Nov-2005, 06:19
I use Lee filters and a Lee hood on my Sinar. Individual adapter rings for my lenses was getting expensive, and they obscured the controls on lenses with small front elements. Instead I bought a 105 mm adapter ring which screws right into a Sinar filter holder. I can pop the hood+fiters on and off the camera in the usual convenient Lee way, and I can adjust the position of the hood with the Sinar accessory rod to mate it with all my lenses. Thus far the gap between the filter adaptor and the lens' rim has not caused any problems.

I don't konw what camera you are using, but many have some sort of attachment for a compendium. It won't be hard to do something similar with whatever your camera offers.

John Mauser
29-Nov-2005, 11:22
Randy, sorry, yes they do need the adapter rings. I didn't notice that you had 10-14 filter sizes. That's a lot of lenses...the rings are cheap though.

Randy Becker
29-Nov-2005, 22:04
Thank you so much for the help. I use a Wisner technical 4x5, a Tachihara 5x7 and a Tachihara 8x10 so my requirements are pretty universal (kind of like using my hands - thanks Brian!)

I have posted this question on a couple of forums and you guys were the only ones that responded. Please accept my very heartfelt thanks.

Happy holidays to all!


Greg Miller
30-Nov-2005, 13:37
You could always tape your filters onto the lens with gaffers tape. I think even Jack Dykinga does that.

Randy Becker
30-Nov-2005, 19:38
You could always tape your filters onto the lens with gaffers tape. I think even Jack Dykinga does that.

--Greg Miller 2005-11-30 12:37 PST

Funny you should say that. One of my best images was taken with my sinar view camera with hasselblad softar filter gaffer taped to the lens.

Best regards,