View Full Version : 12x20 Portra NC on order!

28-Nov-2005, 06:49
Ok everybody! This is no joke!!!!

Whom is interested in ordering some 12x20 NC Color neg?
It is produced, boxed and on the shelf at Kodak right now!
Whom wants to join me in the order?

I am game for 5 boxes myself.

Any takers?


28-Nov-2005, 06:54
Shit yeah, how much per box?

28-Nov-2005, 06:56
The retail price is 301.95 dollars for a 10 sheet box.
Steep I know but what the heck!

Steve Hamley
28-Nov-2005, 07:36

Any 8x20?


28-Nov-2005, 07:59
Sorry Steve!

Either you crop the film or buy a conversion back. ;0)

28-Nov-2005, 23:46
How could I join the game?

29-Nov-2005, 02:00
I will be getting back to everyone as to whom and how you can pay.
Right now I just am looking for commitments from people on how many boxes they want.

So far it looks like this:

Me 5 boxes
A. from Australia 5 boxes

20 boxes to go!

29-Nov-2005, 02:11
10 boxes from Hong Kong.

29-Nov-2005, 02:13
And We thank you for this Fred!!!
Got a website? Iwould love to see what you do.

www dot soost dot com for my pics.

29-Nov-2005, 02:23
Hi Tedd,

I don't have a website. Taking photo is not my career. It is only my hobby.

30-Nov-2005, 13:12
OK boys!
It is time!!!!
I have have the name and number to the guy at the camera store whom is placing the order.
For those ordering and live in the US they have no problem shipping but those who live outside we must discuss the best way to get the film to you.

The company is Hirtech in Lancaster, PA. www.hirtech.com They don't seem like much but, I have delt with them for a number of years.
Before they place the order though they would like payment first due to the high cost of this film.

301.95 dollars plus shipping.

Everyone whom is interested in ordering please mail me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
I will be home over the holidays and would like to order the film next week at the latest so that I can take the film back to Sweden with me.

mail me tedd@soost.com