View Full Version : Interested in Tri-X Readyload?

Tom Westbrook
28-Nov-2005, 05:19
For those who would like to see Tri-X in Readyload packets, I have it from a very reliable source that now would be a good time to call Kodak to express interest in such a product. Call again if you have before. Apparently some work has been done, but they could use an extra show of support to commit to the product. Email me offline if you want more details.

So if you would buy such a product if it were available, call the Pro Services line at 1-800-242-2424 ext. 19 and tell them so. They will probably deny or not know about any work being done, so a simple statement of interest is all that's needed.

Bruce Watson
28-Nov-2005, 08:06
I'll call today.

I encourage anyone who might think about using Tri-X in readyloads in the future to also call. If you need it for that hiking trip to the desert (think dust problems) in the future, you should call now and ask for it.

Brad Rippe
28-Nov-2005, 10:37
HI Tom,

I just called and they, as you said, denied knowledge of any such plan, but they were very polite and listened patiently as I explained the many, many reasons for putting Tri-X in Readyloads.
Thanks for the info, hopefully this will actually happen, before they go out of business!!!


Christopher Perez
28-Nov-2005, 17:01
Does this mean that the Readyload concept is not being prepared for the grave? [Like their B&W print paper lines]

Tom Westbrook
29-Nov-2005, 07:12
I would guess that 100Tmax will be available in readyloads as long as they sell the film. I don't see why they would quit doing so since they already have an investment in the process.

The Tri-X problem is apparently a technical one at this point and a call might get them to invest the resources needed to get over the technical hurdle--after that I'd guess they'd market it, but it is Kodak after all, so who knows?