View Full Version : WA 65mm use w/ Lee Pol & GND

27-Nov-2005, 23:47
I've a question regarding Lee filter use on a 65mm Rodenstock Grandagon. How many filter 'slots' will I be able to use on the Lee holder without Vignetting (considering that I will be using the WA adaptor ring)? Also, I will be wanting to use a polarizer (105mm w/circular adaptor) in conjunction with their graduated neutral density filters. Is this possible without vignetting?

I've searched the archives, but have not found an exact answer to my question. All responses are much appreciated. Thanks!

Bob Salomon
28-Nov-2005, 09:03
No vignetting but if you shoot lanscapes there will be banding in the sky from the polarizer.

28-Nov-2005, 11:48
Hi Bob,

How can I keep the polarizer from having a banding effect on the sky?

Bob Salomon
28-Nov-2005, 13:20
Areas of the sky are polarized and other areas are not. Using a polarizer on a lens wide enough to include both types of sky areas results in banding. To not have banding use a longer lens or no polarizer or don't include areas that are naturally polarized.