View Full Version : Polaroid back - CB80 or CB1034, for 4x5?

27-Nov-2005, 12:27
I would like to use....

Polaroid Type 85 3-1/4 x 3-3/8" Instant Black & White Positive & Negative Pack

However, I want to use it in my 4x5 camera, which polaroid states it will fit in the CB80 or CB1034 back.... Are these backs made for 4x5 format? I can't seem to locate them?

I know Polaroid makes 665 film which I used a lot of, which I think is the same film, just larger format? But I plan to shoot it more often, and do not need the larger 4x5 chrome.

Also, is there any other positive instant films (B&W or color) on the market in 6x7 or larger format?


Ted Harris
27-Nov-2005, 16:01
polaroid makes three backs for 4x5 cameras:

1) The 545/545i/545pro which use Polaroid sheet films

2) the 550 (think I got that number right as it is from memory) which use the large film pack films .... most of which either are or are about to be discontinued.

3) the 405 which uses the 6xx pack films

4) Fuji also makes a back to handle their 4x5 instant pack films. AFAIK Fuji actually now manufactures msot of the Polaroid T6xx pack films that fit in 4x5 holders.

Over the years Polaroid has made many, many special purpose backs for all sorts of film sizes, many of which either directly fit or can easily be adapted to 4x5 but there is no way to tell what is what with these special purpose backs.

27-Nov-2005, 16:13
thanks Ted....

Is there any Instant films that yield a chrome "positive" piece of film, (not print) at the time of processing? I realize the negs can be put through a darkroom process to convert them to positives, but I wanted a method to get to "positive" film faster. I have never seen such, but maybe I overlooked them?

Ted Harris
27-Nov-2005, 20:17
"Is there any Instant films that yield a chrome "positive" piece of film,"

None that I know of other than Polaroid's attempt at 35mm some years ago.

Donald Qualls
28-Nov-2005, 11:34
There was, long ago, a 3x4 pack or roll film (I forget which) that yielded a color transparency (coinciding with "lantern slide" format); essentially, it was either Type 48 or Type 108 but with the print on a clear plastic base. IIRC, it was discontinued many years ago.

Otherwise, the simplest way to get a B&W slide from a Polaroid is to process and clear the negative, and then reshoot it in a 1:1 copying setup. Second simplest is to separate the T55, T665 or T85 negative from positive without processing (easier said than done with the pack films) and reversal process the negative layer in conventional chemistry. Third simplest, if you don't mind an "arty" look, is to perform an emulsion transfer to a clear support using Type 664 or 84 (same methods as for emulsion transfers from 669 or 690, but requires the hotter water and longer soak like 690).