View Full Version : Polaroid 55 Problems - Holder or Film?

Bill L.
27-Nov-2005, 11:34
Hi All,

I usually shoot 4x5 color transparencies using Fuji Quickloads, but I wanted to try shooting some black and white. I have an old polaroid 545 (not the 545i) that I got off of that auction site, through which I've run several shots of polaroid 79 back when I was first using to use the view camera. So I got a box of polaroid 55 to try out the B&W negatives. Only problem is that I can only get about 1 in 3 shots - the other 2 of 3 have problems with the negative portion remaining behind in the loader, or misloading back into the sleeve after I take a shot and try to push the sleeve back in. This had not been a problem when I tried the type 79 last year.

I load the film in the recommended way, pull the sleeve out gently until it stops, take the shot, push it back in. Since the temps have been in the 30's F, I hit the unload latch rather than switch to process (so I can process it indoors), and I hold the latch until the film is completely removed. So I think my technique is ok, but the film comes apart more often than not.

Any clue whether this is a problem with the film or the 545 holder? I'm not sure whether to shell out for another batch of film to see if it improves, or try a new holder.


27-Nov-2005, 11:58
I have the same problem with Type 55 in my 545 holder, but it works perfectly in the old 500 holder.

27-Nov-2005, 12:59
Bill: I have a 545i and it has done the same as you describe when pressing the "R" button for removal of the film without processing. This is my work around:

(1) Expose film as usual
(2) Retract film pouch and leave lever in "L" position
(3) Take Polaroid back off camera and hold it with the film plane side facing you
(4) Locate the white strip on the left side of the film pouch
(5) I place my middle and ring finger (left hand) down on the area above and push down and slide the pouch forward just a little until I see the black metal clip while my right hand holds the "R" button down.
(6) I then pull the film pouch out successfully with the tabs while still holding down the R button.

I do not think this problem is native to the 545 back only and I hope this helps.

Ed K.
27-Nov-2005, 15:34
Darr is right. Unless you take the holder off and turn it horizontal, it's tough to get the film out without releasing it from the clip at the end. I use my fingers to push the black clip along too, until it is nearly out of the holder. From there, a careful wiggly pull on the pack brings it out. Also helps very much if you try to seat the dark slide on the way back in as well as you can, give it a bit faster and harder push at the end. Also, if you have not cleaned it in a while, you really should. You might even discover some shards of old film clips in there. You also get the chance to remember how it all works inside.

Ted Harris
27-Nov-2005, 16:05
Polaroid actually has a tech bulletin out on this problem. In fact, they don't recommend removing T55 for later processing but if you must then you must. I have their note in a PDF file that I woould be glad to share; it goes through their whole recommended procedure for removing the film for later processing. Send me an email if you want it ASAP otherwise I will try to get it up on my website later this week but it isn't likely to happen before Thursday.

Bill L.
27-Nov-2005, 16:29
Thanks for the fast replies! I e-mailed Ted for the bulletin. I want to use the film for winter scenes, and it seems best to process it indoors in warmer temperatures after the shoot. Unless anyone has the processing time down for sticking film under your shirt after shooting in below freezing weather...


Bill Jefferson
28-Nov-2005, 08:47
Bill, I'd like you to change your procedure a little bit to the following:

To remove an exposed packet from the film holder, after the envelope has been pushed back int o the holder flip the lever to process and pull out the packet a little bit about 1 -1/4 inches, then flip the lever to load and hold the release down and pull the packet out until the pod comes out then grab the packet by the side and remove completely from the holder