View Full Version : question about strobe heads for norman power packs

28-Nov-2019, 13:19
I was given two Norman p2000d power packs and an 800. I'm trying to figure out which strobe heads will work with each power pack. I downloaded instructions for the power packs from the internet, but they weren't much help regarding choice of heads. I will be grateful if someone will guide me.

Thank you in advance.


29-Nov-2019, 09:36
LH 2000 and LH 2400 heads for the P2000. Cooling fans are needed with soft boxes, and a good idea anyway.
I believe the 800 takes the LH4 heads...it has been a while.

Neal Chaves
30-Nov-2019, 16:19
The Norman P2000D and likely the 800 both take Series 900 Norman heads, unless the 800 is a 450Series.

neil poulsen
30-Nov-2019, 18:12
Be very careful! Old packs like Normans can be lethal. (Advice from Norman McGrath.)

I had a chance to purchase two P4000's from our local Pro Photo Supply. The salesperson let me fiddle on my own. I turned one off, pressed the discharge button, and then changed a power setting.

Ker-whap!!! That thing lit up like a Christmas tree . . . momentarily.

The store was put out with me. But I later spoke with Norman tech support, and the sequence I followed was correct. So, it was a defective power pack. I was lucky, because I was about to take both of those packs home. Better that the power pack light up like a Christmas tree, than me.

Neal Chaves
1-Dec-2019, 15:00
With the P2000 and P4000 manual flash packs you have to change power levels only when the ready light is on. That way, all caps are charged and won't be discharging against one another.