View Full Version : Adding synch to a packard shutter, how to?

26-Nov-2005, 21:57
I have one with the synch to take apart and look at, but thought to check the collective wisdom before getting out the screwdriver. Anything special I aught to know? Thanks

Tracy Storer
27-Nov-2005, 09:04
I have added sync to non-sync'd ones with the simple addition of an external microswitch.(available at Radioshack)
You mount the microswitch at the top of the pistons travel so when the blades are fully open, the piston closes the switch. Make sure you don't limit the piston travel. Depending on the size of the shutter, you may be able to use a pre-existing hole to mount the switch, otherwise, a new hole will have to be drilled. (make sure you don't intereupt any moving parts with your new mounting hole and screw.)

27-Nov-2005, 10:00
Thanks Tracy,
I guess this would work on packards without the instantanous setting as well as those with it. This sounds (in theory anyway) easier than rigging it to the instant setting.

27-Nov-2005, 10:24
Don't bother trying to differentiate the 'instant' setting from the default - just turn off the flash before opening for focusing. Keep it simple.

Dan Ingram
27-Nov-2005, 23:20
Packards are so simple, there are probably a few ways to add sync. I did it by drilling a small hole in the top of the Packard housing and running an insulated two-wire cable from a PC jack on my lensboard to the inside of the shutter. On the inside, one wire is soldered to the housing, and the other is glued in place and has the insulation scraped away where the top of the shutter blade will hit it when it is fully open. Since the Packard is all metal, that makes a circuit and triggers the flash. I know it sounds simple and a little cheesy, but it has never failed to fire in the five years since I did it. Just don't let your work inside interfere with the moving parts. I was going to use a micro switch too, but this was just too easy.

Tracy Storer
28-Nov-2005, 08:23
The shutter I added sync to was an older two piston Packard. I positioned the switch at the top of the "I" piston rather than the "B" piston. Very simple and effective. It usually fires when opening for focusing though.

28-Nov-2005, 10:44
The shutter I want to modify is a single piston unit with an instant setting, 8 1/2x 8 1/2 w/ 5" hole to be mounted inside an 8x10 studio camera.
I once used a lens front mounted in an old Ilex or Universal #5. I tried to do a shutter drag by synching w/ either B or T, and instead of strobing, the strobe heads lit up like an arc welder, I thought they were going to blow up. It kept getting louder and brighter until I pulled the synch cord off the shutter. Could rigging the packard in either of the above ways do this to someone prone to forgetting to disconnect the strobe while focusing?