View Full Version : packard shutter - gone?

26-Nov-2005, 10:26
Wasn't it Professional Photographic Products Inc. that made Packard shutters upon demand? Hub Photo? Tell me I am wrong, point me in the right direction, please, because I haven't found such a site that offers Packard shutters.

I spent the morning planning the build for a 7" shutter and lens mount for the big lens... and see no source for the Packard. :(

I want to believe I am wrong.

Steve Hamley
26-Nov-2005, 10:35
Here ya go jj:



26-Nov-2005, 10:42
Oh man, is my face red! Talk about intuitive! Silly me.

Thank you, Steve!

Richard Rankin
26-Nov-2005, 11:58
I have a 9 inch lensboard with a packard on it if you can't find a new one to suit you. Cheers, Richard

Steve Hamley
26-Nov-2005, 13:17

Your face shouldn't be red, they changed URLs from hubphoto.com not too long ago. I'd be stumped too if I weren't so anal about keeping bookmarks updated. :D


26-Nov-2005, 13:57
This is good news! Being somewhat of a newbie to the wonders of LF gear, I was under the impression that these shutters were long since discontinued.

Does anyone know the approx price of a #6 in a 5x5" size?


Steve Hamley
26-Nov-2005, 18:34

Last time I checked about a year ago, surprisingly reasonable. I've seen old rusty ones go for a significant amount of the new price on eBay. Apparently a lot of folks think they're obsolete.

If I were him, I'd have a running dutch auction on eBay (or regular) just to advertise.


Steve Hamley
27-Nov-2005, 00:38

BTW, I emailed the Packard folks (and got a reply) and suggested that they have a perpetual dutch auction, or various auctions on eBay. No better advertising since many people think these wonderful shutters are no longer obtainable.


Pete Watkins
27-Nov-2005, 05:56
I'm grateful to jj for asking the same question that I was on the verge of asking, and many thanks to you Steve for your prompt answer. I can now get a Packard for my WoolensackVitax instead of buying a hat to hang on the front of the lens. Thanks again. PETE.

Dan Ingram
27-Nov-2005, 23:33
Also, there's a guy who is a regular at the Photorama camera shows who has lots of old Packards at good prices. His name is R. J. Vandenburg, but there is no website listed on his business card. Email me if you want his phone number and address.

Jim Galli
28-Nov-2005, 15:07
While we're at it, who was it that wrote the superb article for View Camera mag about packard shutter installs and is it on line somewhere? I've got CRS disease.