View Full Version : Any LF photographers in or near Bend, Oregon?

Brian Ellis
23-Nov-2005, 18:26
If there are any LF photographers here who live in or reasonably near Bend, Oregon, I'd like to get in touch with you. I participated in the organization of a LF photography group in my present location that has been in existence for about 9 years now. I'm moving to Bend in early January. If there are a few LF photographers in Bend or other places close enough to get together occasionally I'd like to get in touch with you with the idea of starting a similar group there. Or even if we don't organize a group, it would be nice to just meet other LF photographers in the Central Oregon area if there are any who are interested.

Frank Petronio
23-Nov-2005, 21:19
Can we come stay with you in Bend if you're lonely? It's a wonderful place to photograph from. Save me a couple of acres...

Doug Dolde
23-Nov-2005, 21:24
If you consider 617 large format.


Jon Wilson
23-Nov-2005, 21:48
Welcome to the "neighborhood." There are at least a couple of us in SW Idaho (Boise/Caldwell). I just love road trips and especially with people who speak LF lingo. Let't try to coordinate a West Coast Gathering(s)!

Doremus Scudder
24-Nov-2005, 05:02

I split my year between Vienna, Austria and Oregon, where I am doing doctoral work and teaching at the U of O in Eugene. However, my wife's parents live in Redmond, just a piece down the road, and we visit there often. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be in town after January and the university begins, but, if you like, I'll drop you an e-mail when I'm going to be in town and maybe we can get together. There are a number of other lf photographers in the area (Bruce Adams and Steve someone come to mind...), so you should have no trouble finding some takers.


neil poulsen
24-Nov-2005, 09:15
You might be interested in the Portland Photographers' Forum in Portland. Check out their website at www.portlandphotoforum.org. They meet on the third Wednesday of each month at Wilson H.S.

It's a group of primarily amateur photographers who meet, there's a presentation, and the organization offers reasonably priced workshops. There are a few LF photographers as part of this group who regularly attend. I'm a member, was on the leadership committee for two or three years, and have been attending again the last few months.

They're a bit far from Bend, especially in the winter. But, you could keep an eye on their presentations and workshops and attend when it makes sense. Annual dues are pretty minimal for what one gets.

The central Oregon area is full of photographic opportunities. You're fortunate to live in such a rich area. Ghost towns, some really breathtaking scenic areas, the Columbia River Gorge isn't too far away, the Deschutes River, lakes, etc. The Oregon coast isn't that far away, either, and it's accessible. Little or no private ownership of beaches. You might find opportunities at the Warm Springs Indean Reservation, although that would probably require permission. There's a heavy tourist traffic, so selling photos is probably a realistic opportunity.

Alan Davenport
24-Nov-2005, 19:15
I'm on the left side of the Cascades, so I wouldn't make it to many meetings. But, schedule some interesting outings and I'll make an exception!

Brian Ellis
24-Nov-2005, 19:17
Neil, I was aware of the Portland Forum and plan to join though as you say the distance is too great for regular attendance. There is a camera club in Bend, probably more of a PSA type group than the Portland Forum, and I plan to check it out.

Doremus and Jon, I'd like to get together, I won't be in Bend until January 9 so I don't know my new email address but I'll be posting here after the move and you should be able to get it through this group.

Doug, 6x17 sounds large to me. Where are you located?

Thanks to everyone else for the responses.

Jon Wilson
24-Nov-2005, 20:44
Jay is LF'er in Caldwell and I am in Boise, I am sure we can work up road trips. If nothing else, my best friend says I make SEAL coffee (he's a 'Nam Seal) so we can hook up for coffee. Have great holidays in the mean time. Jon