View Full Version : Pics of Spruce Goose, if you have them...

Tin Can
2-Nov-2019, 09:00
I have none

Today is the anniversary of the Spruce Goose only flight. An audacious achievement

Have not yet seen the objet d'art in person, but will try to get to the new location, https://www.evergreenmuseum.org/the-spruce-goose

Have watched watched video about the Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt_Me_323) They are trying get one out of the sea.

I watch The Aviator (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Aviator_(2004_film)) every few years

All came to mind as I looked for an old passport to get a Real ID DL and new passport

I may fly again...

Locally the 9 passenger flight to St Louis is cheaper than the bus...and they will get new aircraft next year!

2-Nov-2019, 09:55
I saw it many years ago when it was enshrined in Long Beach. Very impressed in all ways. I wish I could find them but Iím sure it would take me a decade to do so... but somewhere I have pics of it leaving the dome, which is now a cruise line departure terminal. Inside the dome was not very conducive for photography.

Sal Santamaura
2-Nov-2019, 09:59
No pictures, but I did tour it in the early 1980s when on display in Long Beach harbor. As a then-employee of Hughes Aircraft Company, I copied down part numbers stenciled on the props. At work the next day I tried to look up drawings without success. By that time no documentation for the plane remained with the company.

Mark Sampson
2-Nov-2019, 11:04
I saw it maybe 15 years ago at Evergreen in Oregon. It absolutely dwarfed everything else in the museum. I never scanned my 35mm shots from that day, so can't send any.
My take on the HK-1 is a) it was obsolete by the time it was finished, and b) underpowered. Still a gargantuan accomplishment- I just wish that the museum where it lives was on a harbor and had a ramp... wouldn't we all want to see it fly one more time?

2-Nov-2019, 11:58
Hard to imagine it being underpowered with 8 Wasp Majors. But it’s still a fine example of a flying machine.

austin granger
2-Nov-2019, 13:06
In the cockpit with my father in law and kids about five years ago, in Oregon. It was amazing to see in person. Sorry I don't have any pictures from the outside; maybe I didn't have a lens wide enough?
Howard Hughes:

Tin Can
2-Nov-2019, 13:15
Very cool Austin!

Pat Kearns
2-Nov-2019, 18:01
I saw it in Long Beach in 1983, a gigantic aircraft. At that time, the interior of the aircraft was not accessible so I am a little envious of you Austin sitting in the cockpit. I took some photos of it but finding them would be as daunting as seeing the Goose fly again.

Jim Fitzgerald
2-Nov-2019, 19:26
My dear departed friend Trudy, who lived to be 102 years old, gave me several silver gelatin prints of the Hughes helicopter factory and the Spruce Goose. Her husband worked closely with Howard Hughes and was an engineer on the plane. He is the man on the steps in the photograph.

The other image is an actual flight photograph!

Tin Can
2-Nov-2019, 19:38
Wow Jim. Thank you!

I just watched The Aviator again

The flight in the movie is fake but a good one.

Jim Fitzgerald
2-Nov-2019, 20:01
Wow Jim. Thank you!

I just watched The Aviator again

The flight in the movie is fake but a good one.

I have some more silver prints that I'll have to try to find. The ones I posted are 11x14 fiber prints and I have a 16x20 of the cockpit shot that is a little worse for wear. Notice the booties they have on their feet!