View Full Version : Repair / replacement for shutter

Matthew Cromer
22-Nov-2005, 17:36
What is the best place to get a 00 Syncro-Compur shutter for my Schneider Super-Angulon 65/8 repaired or replaced?

I LOVE this lens and I can't stand having it unusable!

Ernest Purdum
22-Nov-2005, 18:33
Caol Miller at Flutot's Camera Repair in Whittier California would be a good choice. I'll see if I can find her email address for you.

Ernest Purdum
22-Nov-2005, 18:37
P.S. flutotscamera@earthlink.net

Mike Kovacs
22-Nov-2005, 21:59
What's wrong with the shutter? Should be easy for any number of people to deal with as the Synchros were very well built and most just need a good cleaning, not replacement which is difficult in that small size with no modern Copal being built.

David Van Gosen
23-Nov-2005, 07:20
I've got that exact lens & shutter combo, and got it back from Carol recently. She does excellent work. I'm sure you'll be in good hands.

Herbert A Terbrack
23-Nov-2005, 07:42
Check out this web address
Carol responds to emails quickly.

Matthew Cromer
23-Nov-2005, 07:51
I just sent her an email.

Thanks for the info!