View Full Version : Three Digital Categories on LF Forum

neil poulsen
22-Nov-2005, 16:51
The single digital category that we've had is no longer sufficient, given the number of digital related threads that are being initiated. So, we now have the following three categories:

>> Digital Capture & Scanning

>> Digital Processing

>> Digital Printing

For the most part, these categories are self-explanatory. None the less, if you have any comments that would help delineate these categories, please offer them.

The former Digital category has become the Digital Processing category, so it currently includes many older threads that are more related to the other two digital categories. Over time, these will be reassigned.

Thanks are due to Rob Champagne for making this suggestion. This is an LF community forum, and suggestions are appreciated. If you have suggestions that would help improve the forum, please forward them to lfgroup@largeformatphotography.info so that they may be considered.