View Full Version : Efke 50 and 100 Roll and Sheet film in HC110

21-Nov-2005, 13:38
Does anyone have any experiences with using efke 50 and 100 iso films in 4x5 or 120 roll film with HC110??

The only data I can find is mainly RO9 and Rodinal related. Rodinal and HC110 are the only dev's I use and from yesterday - no more rodinal at my supplier.

So what do you expose these at and process it at when using HC110??

Steve Feldman
21-Nov-2005, 14:04
Here's a good starting point.


22-Nov-2005, 08:58
J&C carry Rodinal as well as the EFKE products.

Donald Qualls
22-Nov-2005, 10:59
As with other Agfa Photo products, J&C won't have Rodinal for much longer if they still have it now. They do, however, have Calbe R-09, which is made to the formula of pre-WWII Rodinal and works almost identically (they recommend higher dilution, 1:40 in place of 1:25, but that may be to avoid too-short process times). You can also make quite an acceptable (based on the images I've seen) Rodinal substitute from acetaminophen (aka paracetamol) tablets, lye drain opener, and a little sodium sulfite.

BTW, it's generally accepted that you can interchange process times between HC-110 and Ilfotec HC at the same dilution, so on the off chance you find times for one and have the other, you're still covered...