View Full Version : Carl Meyer Anastigmat 12" lens?

Ben Calwell
22-Dec-1999, 21:49
Does anyone know anything about Carl Meyer Anastigmat lenses? I purchased a 12-i nch Meyer recently to use on an 8X10 camera. Will this lens have enough coverage for slight movements? How old are these lenses and are they coated? In short, i s this a decent lens for 8X10? Thanks for your responses.

Doug Paramore
23-Dec-1999, 00:13
Ben: The Carl Meyer 12 inch is a good lens for 8x10. The Carl Meyer lenses I have seen were the 4 element Tessar formula. If memory serves me correctly, Carl Meyer was a trade name for an American company...seems like it was Burke and James, but don't hold me to that. Anyway, the lens has good contrast and plenty of sharpness for 8x10. I have used the 12in. and 14in. on 8x10 and both were good lenses. You will find the lens has room for some movements on 8x10, but not as much as the more modern Plasmat design. For scenics and general photography you should have plenty of coverage. Doug

Doug Paramore
23-Dec-1999, 00:19
Ben: I just realized I didn't answer all your questions. In regards to coating, most I've seen are. Hold it to where you get a reflection from a broad light source. If the lens front element appears to be bluish in color, it is coated. I don't have dates when they were first available, but I know they were available for sale up until the 1960s. If the lens is coated, that would date it after about 1940. Doug

Ben Calwell
23-Dec-1999, 16:55
Thanks, Doug, for your information on the Meyer lens. I bought one sight unseen over the phone, and now I feel better about the purchase. Ben Calwell