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6-Oct-2019, 05:40
I have recently restored a 2D. I hope to use it for wetplate. I am struggling with the tension or stiffness of the spring back. Is there a way to adjust the tension from the springs? Ultimately I may need to construct a swing type back. Does anyone have a resource for this? I have used modified film holders and more traditional plate holders with a “backdrop”. I’d prefer the later. Any and all advice welcome.


Tin Can
6-Oct-2019, 06:16
Is it too stiff or too loose?

6-Oct-2019, 06:34
Too stiff

Tin Can
6-Oct-2019, 06:37
We need pictures and more description.

Do you want DIY or a repair shop?

Are your holders standard thickness?

What is a 'backdrop' as applied on a camera back?

6-Oct-2019, 06:39
Is the wet plate holder thicker then a film holder

6-Oct-2019, 09:05

Here is a picture I’d the back. I believe the arrow is pointing to a strap spring. With regard to the wet plate holder. The one I currently use is a self made one from an old wooden film holder ( probably not a good long term solution). I have borrowed a Chamonix which seemed to be the same thickness. I have also used a more traditional one that was built to be used with a swinging ground glass door.

6-Oct-2019, 09:08
I see the confusion. Backdrop was a typo for Backdoor. That is what I mean by a swinging ground glass door.

Tin Can
6-Oct-2019, 09:26
I am going to defer to Richard Ritter, as he is a long time camera maker and repairman.

Tin Can
6-Oct-2019, 10:31
3 things

You definitely want tight GG spring pressure

I think I see 2 springs on each side, you could remove the top helper leaf, but may find it now too loose.

Removing and reinstalling wood screws sometimes wears out the hole. I use a single toothpick to tighten the hole., push it in and break it off flush IF NEEDED

RR can fix any wood camera, find his his website, then call him

6-Oct-2019, 11:50
The ground glass frame pins, that stick into the springs, look very close to the ends of the springs, when you insert a film holder do the pins reach the end of the springs. As you put a curve in the springs the distance between the ends reduces, possibly trying to go to less than the distance between the glass frame pins.
If that is the case maybe the ground glass frame pins need moving in a few millimetres?

Mark Sawyer
6-Oct-2019, 12:24
I'm unclear, is the plate holder thicker than a standard film holder? Also, have you checked to see it's in registration with the ground glass for focusing?

6-Oct-2019, 15:09
Some plate holders are simply modified film holders. Some are built to work with specific GG backs and I suspect only register with that back. This is the type used on those specially built wetplate cameras and reproductions. If you search tailboard wetplate camera you will likely see one.

The pins on the back do move within the arm of the leaf spring. I don’t think moving them would help.

I did remove the top leaf of the spring at the top and bottom. That has provided some relief of the stiffness.

I also have come across another issue. The tolerance of the 2D back is very tight. I have a few wooden holders that are about 2mm too wide to fit in the back. The wooden holders may have warped or swollen. I don’t have a modern holder to test the back with.

Tin Can
6-Oct-2019, 15:16
Sounds like you know what you are doing

Remove 1 mm from each side of the holders

6-Oct-2019, 17:17
I’m not sure I do. I will ask Mr Ritter if he makes a bail type back or has instructions to do so. Ultimately that may be a better solution.

Tin Can
6-Oct-2019, 17:34
I highly recomend RR.

Get your work to him asap as he is often busy.

He did a great job on a bail back and new holders for me a couple years ago.

Do not wait for Spring. Which is when LF fever hits...

I’m not sure I do. I will ask Mr Ritter if he makes a bail type back or has instructions to do so. Ultimately that may be a better solution.

jose angel
7-Oct-2019, 00:01
FWIW, I`d say the spring back on my Kodak feel also stiff and I think it is fine. I think it is the way it should.
I have other LF cameras which feel equally stiff (some even more). A bit awkward, but not a problem at all.
I use current standard Fidelity Elite holders, 100% fit. A bit thicker holder should work, too.

7-Oct-2019, 04:45
Thanks everyone for the insights

Tin Can
7-Oct-2019, 05:33
Last thought.

I have a KODAK SPECIALIST 2D HALF-PLATE (+ 5X7) (https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/kodak-specialist-2d-half-plate-5x7-245561888) which has extremely tight GG double leaf springs. I removed the top springs as OP has done and it is still very stiff.

I expect this high level of clamping was designed to ensure light fastness and very close GG/film registration.

The camera is like new, better than the sample.