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Arthur Nichols
18-Nov-2005, 14:12
I have just purchased a Turner Reich 16x18 F/9 lens in a compund shutter to use on my 7x17. I understand that it is about a 18' in focal length. The shutter is only firing at one speed so it looks like I will be sending another package to Carol Miller. Unfortunately my 7x17 is still in the process of being rebuilt so I cannot just throw it on there and see what it can do. I was told by Jim Galli that it is the usual (for TR) 5 elements in two groups like the other Turner Reich lenses. I was wondering if I can use it converted with only one element. It is the only time I have ever seen one of these and i was also wondering if anyon else had any more information, so I could know just what I have got here. Thanks

Jon Wilson
18-Nov-2005, 22:34
I have never seen one, but it was at least NOT advertised as being a convertible anastigmat in the T-R number 22 sales catalog. (no publication date, but the period clothes appears to me to be around 1910-1925 or so) It was listed as their "Anastigmat Series V f:9" having an 18" focus with the cells selling for $120 and an extra $15 if you wanted them in a barrel with an iris diaphragm (Turner Reich's spelling). Also, it was their process lens which was intended for "reproduction which require[d] absolute definition." If you were planning to use this lens around toxic chemicals....you are in luck for T-R advertised that "[t]he homogeneous formation and permanency of Turner-Reich lenses make them especially desirable for use in establishments where chemicals and acid fumes are present." This definitely will ease your mind to know that when you are lugging the 7x17 around the toxic waste sites your T-R will keep on kicking! (I just luv those old advertisements).

BTW, your 7x17 Korona would have only cost you $46.50 without a case and each 7x17 filmholder was $7.00.

Apparently, your lens is a "newer" model given it is in a compound shutter.

If your lens was originally intended to be a convertible lens, then TR would have marketed it as such IMO.

However, I strongly recommend you at least try it as a "convertible"....it is amazing how some of these old lens will actually perform.

Jim Galli
18-Nov-2005, 22:51
While I'm sure it would work OK as a convertible even though it wasn't marketed as such, I hope you have a 36" bellows on that 7X17. Also I'll venture a wild guess that since it was designated a process lens, it's symmetrical so it would only be a double convertible, the front and back being the same focal length.

Arthur Nichols
19-Nov-2005, 10:35
Calling Ernest Purdum or Walter Glover, maybe you guys know something about this lens.
Thank You