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Richard Boulware
18-Nov-2005, 11:47
I already own some ND graduated filters, but anyone have any opinion of quality differences between Lee and the other brands? I think mine are resin. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the optical quality comparisons.

Mark Windom
18-Nov-2005, 13:40
I use Singh-Ray GSND filters (which are resin) and have nothing but good things to say about them both in terms of optical quality and neutrality. Lee filters are reputed to be excellent also.

Mark Woods
18-Nov-2005, 18:32
All of my filters are glass Tiffen filters. I use them way too much to use resin filters, which I have a few Cokin filters for my 35mm still camera. The only thing I can say about the NDs and ND Grads is if color rendition is important, check the color temperature through the filter. Some filters will shift "warmer" (to the red orange part of the spectrum or lower color temperature). Most of the time this isn't a problem, but it can be be. BTW, about 3/4 of my filters are 6.6"x6.6". I've yet to figure out how to put them on the front of the 8x10 with the technology they work with. The others are Series 9 and 5.5" round. Those are easier, but the grads are all square.

Kind Regards,


Scott Fleming
18-Nov-2005, 18:33
I like Singh Ray as well and they are very nice people. They'll make anything you want. 1 800 486 5501

Once there was some confusion on an order and I got the wrong size filter. They made it right ... no problem.

Eric Leppanen
18-Nov-2005, 20:07
Mark Woods,

Some time ago I talked to SK Grimes about machining a single slot press-on filter holder for 6.6x6.6" filters, as I use such a polarizing filter for my SS210XL. It was a bit pricey (I don' t recall the quote anymore), but if I used a variety of filters I would have considered it. As things currently stand, I tape my polarizer to the front of my SS210XL. Obviously tape won't work for an ND grad.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
18-Nov-2005, 22:34
I use the lee system and like it very much. I used a peice of white tubing with the fuzzy side of velcro inside and it was just right for my 24"red dot. I ground the threads off a series nine filter adapter, and glued it on the end. WaLa. Now I will make some for the other barrel lenses. I have been leaning a lot lately towards graduated NDs rather than color filters for B&W.

Mark Woods
19-Nov-2005, 08:52
Eric, thank you for the infor. I hadn't thought about that approach. I'm thinking of something that would attach to the monorail of the camera that could be used with all the lenses. You've got my wheels turning!


Richard Ide
19-Nov-2005, 10:01
Hi Mark

Can you give me a source for these 6.6" glass filters. I need a ND 2 filter this size for a 150mm lens I wish to try for landscapes. You people are a daily source of inspiration.



Eric Leppanen
19-Nov-2005, 11:30
I'd also be curious about additional sources for 6x6" filters. In the past I've used B&H and Birns & Sawyer (www.birnsandsawyer.com/cgibin/BIRstore.cgi (http://www.birnsandsawyer.com/cgibin/BIRstore.cgi)).

Lee will also cut custom sized resin filters. If you are looking for an ND grad, then this might not be a bad way to go.

Mark Woods
19-Nov-2005, 13:21
Hello Richard,

I'm not sure where you live, but if it's in So. Calif. Moletown on Highland, Arri (or one of the Arri owned companies) in Orlando, New York, Dallas, and Chicago. Some websites are:




The schneider filters are made with white water glass. I own Tiffen and was well down the road of owning filters before the Schneider filters were available. I believe the websites will give you local distributors, and possibly how to order of the net.

Good luck,


jarrod connerty
19-Nov-2005, 23:01
just a note about cheap solutions for placing an ND grad filter in front of a lens; I use the Wimberley Plamp in this regard and am pleased with the device's capacity to hold the filter where I tell the lil' gerrymandered arm to put it in the first place. Only works for one filter at a time, of course, but awfully cheap @ ~38 or so.