View Full Version : wollensak 15", F5.6 telephoto

Joseph O'Neil
18-Nov-2005, 10:47
Hi everyone;
Just bought this lens - well, it just arrived in the mail. Kudos to Equinox photo. Cost me $200 US, and this included the shutter being cleaned and serviced. Not only that, the lens itself is in near pristine condition, and comes with original velvet lined box, metal lens cap, already mounted on a graphic lens board - so yeah!!! :)

Of course, the weather outside is perfectly dreadfull, so it will be a while before I can test it out - boo. :(

Does anybody know the filter size for this lens? I can go down to the local photo store tonight and rummage through thier box of used filters until i find one that fits, but easier to knwo ahead of time I think.

I did do a search on the net - in fact I did so even before I bought this lens. Not many reports, but the few out there report this lens as something of a "sleeper" and a keeper. However, going over those links, I cannot see any that report on filter size.

Will let you all know how it works out. Big, heavy lens. Depsite mixed reviews for Wollensak out there on the net, for my part, I've had good luck with other Wollensak lenses. (knock wood).


18-Nov-2005, 13:34
You won't find a screw-in filter for this wonderful beaste. It takes HUGE slip-on adapters. Just measure the diameter of the lens (front or rear) and head for the nearest old-camera show, and plow through the boxes and boxes of adapter rings. Incidentally, ain't EQUINOX a wonderful source to deal with!

Larry Smith
18-Nov-2005, 18:06
I seperated mine from the lens shade and what you are looking for is a series 9 filter.

Ray Denon
20-Nov-2005, 03:11
I have the same lens. 15inch Raptar on a Speed Graphic board. I tried to get an adapter ring or filters at used camera stores and camera shows. Be careful not to scratch the glass fitting a filter on. The filter will touch the glass. I ended up having Rays Camera Repair make a slip over adapter threaded to 82mm. Call Rayscam (303)595-3213