View Full Version : Collotype

Dan Fromm
16-Nov-2005, 08:48
Cute: http://www.bf-collotype.com/

Scott Davis
16-Nov-2005, 09:41
Nifty- but at a minimum of $2K a pop, too rich for my blood.

Jerry Flynn
16-Nov-2005, 15:33
It's funny that this showed up just now. Over the weekend, I started to reframe a poster I got 30 years ago. It was a poster for a show Paul Caponigro was having at the G. Ray Hawkins gallery in LA. The image is a 20X24 (or so) of Stonehenge that was a collotype. The tonal scale and gradation is exceptional. It got me wondering when someone would start advancing the collotype as an alternative process along with all the rest we see these days.

As I recall, this was an expensive poster at the time -- perhaps $75 when other posters were in the $10 - $15 range.