View Full Version : Panormic filters

John Dorio
22-Dec-1999, 09:24
Does a 58mm SuperAngulon XL need a center spot ND filter for 4x5 work with no mo vements?

Is there really such a thing as a panoramic sized filter that is different from a regular filter? ie filter size 67EW for a lens with a 67mm ring size. I recent ly used a regular 67mm yellow filter on a shot taken in 4x5 and the corners were slightly vignetted. Is this from using an inadequate filter?

Mark Windom
22-Dec-1999, 11:42
Are you seeing actual vignetting when using the yellow filter or are you seeing the effects of light fall off? My guess would be light fall off. If so, can you overcome this in the darkroom when doing your printing? A center spot ND filter would be more critical in color transparency work.

22-Dec-1999, 12:18
I have used my 58XL for 4x5 work... typically with 6x12 but with 4x5 as well. I had problems when I used a regular (UV) B+W brand filter with vignetting. Since then I switched to the EW and the issue has gone away. I haven't stacked another (ie yellow) filter on top of the EW... I have just used the Lee Filter system with Wide Angle hood. The hood comresses so that there is no vignetting yet provides the shading required etc... The Lee black & white filters slide right into the slot. I would suggest buying the wide angle adaptor plate from Lee.


Bob Salomon
22-Dec-1999, 12:59
After about the first 70% of the field of coverage of a wide angle the fall off begins. With or without movements if you are using more than 70% of the coverage you will see fall off. Especially in light, even colored areas across the frame - like sky or sand.

You need either slim or wide angle filters when using this lens. If you stack the additional filter goes on the front of the center filter.

So you are aware Heliopan has changed their filter rims on their non-rotating filters and most are now slim and will not vignette with lenses as short as the equivelent of a 21mm lens on 35mm. The filters are still front threaded for hoods, lens caps, stacking.