View Full Version : polaroid back questions

brian steinberger
14-Nov-2005, 22:03
I'm looking at all the 4x5 instant films on B&H and I'm confused. If I just want to check exposure and composition without the negative with the print, which film do I want? I was looking at type 55. But that comes with a print and a negative. Also, I'd like to do medium format polariod stuff with 6x6cm. What kind of film do I need for that? Thanks?


Ralph Barker
14-Nov-2005, 22:59
I use Type 54 (PolaPro 100) for 4x5, and the corresponding Type 664 packs for MF.

michael meyer
15-Nov-2005, 07:49
I like Type 52 which is ISO 400. It requires coating after development if you want it to last, though; the coater is supplied with the film. I like the prints enough to sometimes keep them as a final picture. Type 54 has a thinner paper base than the other Polaroid materials I've used, mostly Type 54. Type 52 will also breakdown and stain if let be without its coating, which I also like to play with.

If I were only checking exposure, I'd go with the Type 54, especially if ISO 100 matched the film speed I used.