View Full Version : Coverage of Kodak Ektar 203/7.7

14-Nov-2005, 16:33
What is the coverage, and does it fall off suddenly, or gradually? Thanks.

Kevin Crisp
14-Nov-2005, 16:37
Covers 5X7 with very modest room to spare, coverage quite decent for 4X5. I'll defer to someone else as to whether it just suddenly ends or goes fuzzy at the extreme, I don't remember.

Wayne Crider
14-Nov-2005, 17:24
Check this link for coverage.

Check this link for resolution:

I've heard that it is quite sharp wide open, although I've never tested mine. Problems with the lens tends to be the Supermatic shutters; low speeds. I have mine up for sale; Too long for my 6x9 Graphics bellows.

Diane Maher
14-Nov-2005, 21:26
I took a shot with my 203 mm on my 8x10 and it was a gradual fall off. I don't think I've made a print of this particular shot yet.

Paul Coy
18-Nov-2005, 22:13

My 203 works on my 2x3 although I have been using it at infinity. Are you sayng its just too long to use other than at infinity?

Dan Fromm
19-Nov-2005, 06:34


Many people are uncomfortable using Graphics at or near full extension. I'm not sure why, but the phenomenon is real. This discomfort, in particular with using 203/7.7 Ektar or 203/7.5 Raptar/Optar on 2x3 Crown and Century Graphics, has been expressed many times on the www.graflex.org help board.

I use a variety of lenses at full extension on my 2x3 Speed and Century. If the focusing rail friction isn't set just right, there is a slight tendancy for the bellows to pull the front standard backwards a little at full extension. But the cameras will allow full extension to be used, so I use it. And Pacemaker Graphics' bellows are made from a synthetic material that seems to be indestructible.