View Full Version : process lens?

John Laragh
21-Dec-1999, 09:02
Am considering purchase of Rodenstock 150mm f9 Gerogon process(flat field) lens in bbl for b&w 4x5 landscape, flat surface and close up work. Also may try to do uble as enlarging lens. Will lens cover 4x5? Any suggestions on other lenses of this type? Any shutters that will fit this or other lenses?

Doug Paramore
21-Dec-1999, 12:28
John: The 150 f9 Geregon is a fine little lens. I have one and am quite pleased with it. It covers 4x5 with plenty of room for movements. You will have to get used to a slightly dimmer image to focus, but really that is not a problem most of the time. I mounted mine in front of a Packard shutter. I think it would not be too difficult to mount it in front of a Copal or Compur shutter and plan to do so in the near future. It is good at infinity when stopped down a stop or so. It also is fine for enlarging, but a bit dim for denser negatives. Mine came with some othe stuff I bought used, so I didn't buy it specifically for my camera. It will be great for closeup stuff and flat field photography. Since 150mm is normal length for 4x5 and there are tons of that length around pretty cheap, I would look closely at buying a 150 in a shutter for everyday photography. You can probably find a good lens in shutter for what it would cost to adapt the Geregon to a shutter unless you have access to some good tools. The Geregon with a Packard shutter works great in the studio. Hope this helps. Doug

21-Dec-1999, 14:23
I would go for a G-Claron. That focal length is rather inexpensive. Putting a lens in front or behind a shutter can be a little expensive if you don't do-it-yourself. Here's a link for S.K. Grimes, they can give you cost info.