View Full Version : servicing the x-sync on an Ilex #5 shutter

Scott Davis
14-Nov-2005, 09:26
I recently acquired a Kodak Ektar 12" f4.5 (huge beast of a lens). The shutter seems to be in generally excellent working order, and the speeds sound fairly accurate (I suspect my 50th and 25th of a second are pretty close together, but everything else is ok). The x-sync is a touch unreliable though- it does not fire on every click of the shutter. Is there any way I can check this out myself - I'm guessing it is just a loose connection. Or should I just send it off and be done with it?

Jim Galli
14-Nov-2005, 10:43
Give her a go yourself. These are simple shutters and you will be able to visibly see what needs to take place for the sync to "fire". Remove slack as needed.