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J.L. Kennedy
13-Nov-2005, 23:59
I'm using the Tetenal 3 bath E-6 processing kit. The instructions don't say what to do after the last step, which is one minute in the Stabilizing Bath (which is apparently also a wetting agent). Should I just hang them up to dry straight from the Stabilizing Bath? It seems like since the Stabilizing Bath is so dangerous (according to the Safety Precautions in the instructions) that it ought to be rinsed off. However, if this bath is also the wetting agent, it should not be rinsed off. Also, just how dangerous is the Stabilizing Bath? I mixed it outside and I was very careful not to even let a drop touch my skin throughout the whole process by using rubber gloves. Is that overkill?

tor kviljo
14-Nov-2005, 01:50
Do certainly not wash the film to remove the stabilizer before drying! This bath is also a hardening bath in addition to its effect as stabilizing & wetting agent, so let it run of an appropriate plase (the sink). I belive that the Tetenal packages of stab. is so low on formaldehyde that small amounts of used solutions (amateur-use) can be poured in the sink.

The stabilizing bath uses small amounts/very low consentrations of formaldehyde, so make a rule of using gloves, but dont panic if you get a drop on your hands... - rather wash it off! There is no reason to make a fuss of mixing small amounts of stab. indoor, but keep the stab. either in closed containers or in well ventilated area. Formalin (formaldehyde -gas dissolved in water) is used extensively in biologic applications as preservative for specimen, and biologists do certainly not go outside all the time to mix their much stronger user-solution, but rely on ventilation when handeling the mixtures. However - LONG TIME exposure to formaldehyde fumes is dangerous as it is a known carcinogen.

Malcolm Stewart
14-Nov-2005, 17:50
For best keeping qualities of your E6, it's recommended that you heat dry your transparencies at around 40-45degC. I've done lots of 35mm E6 in the Tetenal 3-bath kit, but 5x4 beats me as I don't have the right tanks etc. (There used to be masses of useful E6 info on the Jobo USA website, but I think I heard that the importer has now changed.)