View Full Version : 127mm ektar on 5x7

13-Nov-2005, 12:42
Will this work? Got a 127 ektar and a 5x7 b/j. Wondering if lens will work on 5x7, but afraid to take lens apart, as it seems connected to that shutter/cylinder thingy.


John Kasaian
13-Nov-2005, 13:13

The 127 Ektar barely covers 4x5, but thats OK for press cameras shot handheld since movments aren't normally used(which is why speed graphics don't offer much n the way of moves in the first place.
Will it work on a 5x7? Yes---it just won't cover the format. Wheter the image will just go to mush at 5" on out or go to mush at 5" then vignestte I have no idea. It would be interesting to find out though.
Good Luck!

Paul Fitzgerald
13-Nov-2005, 18:19
Hi there,

The 127/4.7 Ektar will just reach to the corners, almost. It has a very pronounced curved field distortion. It was made for 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 film, not recommended for 5x7 but it does have a look. Try it out and see if you like it.

Have fun with it

John Kasaian
13-Nov-2005, 18:23
FWIW I didn't mean to pan the 127 Ektar as a lens---as a matter of fact its my choice for Crown Graphic duty----very sharp IMHO---but I feel that for anything larger than straight on aboard a 4x5 the 127 Ektar just inn't the right tool for the job (unless peripheral mush is your forte---in which case it might be what you want)

Ed K.
14-Nov-2005, 12:11
Hi Percy,
It doesn't cover 5x7, and the two that I have laying around are not sharp at the edges, at any aperture, on a 4x5. Center sharpness is good though. If you're shooting close-ups on a 5x7, perhaps it would work, but you're probably better off even with an older uncoated lens designed for 5x7 or more, if budget is the problem. Also, because it needs a special slip-on ring for filters ( no filter threads ), something usually needs to be rigged to adapt modern filters. More trouble that it is worth.