View Full Version : Copal #3 longish lenses on the Master technika ?

13-Nov-2005, 11:23
I wonder how practically usable the 240mm/300mm f5.6, lenses on Copal #3 shutters are to use on the Linhof Master Technika. I am thinking of getting one that can also be used with an 8x10 camera. I am primarily concerned about the tight fit of Copal #3 shutters on Technika lens boards, though I also wonder if there might be other issues, for example, stability with the heavy lenses. If possible, I would like to eventually have the lens cammed to use with the Technika rangefinder. Thanks much in advance.

Michael Kadillak
13-Nov-2005, 15:32
Having used such lenses you are describing in Copal #3, I would only ask you one question - Why?

IMHO there is no reason to consider these because such lenses are heavy as hell and massive in size and there are other offerings in the same focal length in Copal 1's that accomplish the same objective. Plus, who needs the incremental costs for the larger shutter?

The difference in f 5.6 as compared to f9 is inconsequential in the bigger picture as you will
be stopping down to check critical depth of field anyway. I would also opt for 52-67 mm filters as opposed to 77-95mm ones.

Save your money for film and put more (lighter) lenses in your backpack.

Try a 300M Nikon, a 305 G Claron or a 240 Fuji and you will never look back.


13-Nov-2005, 15:43
I have used a Scheider 400/5.6 Compact on Copal 3 without problems on a MT2000. Just lift the front a bit to fit the Copal-3-shutter/lensboard.

13-Nov-2005, 17:09
> Having used such lenses you are describing in Copal #3, I would only ask you one question - Why?

This is for studio and location portrait, and other studio work. I expect the 5.6 aperture would come in very handy. Wouldn't it ? I have been using a Fujinon 240mm and the G-Claron 305mm; and for indoors portrait, I would not mind having a faster aperture. I am open to suggestions.

Oren Grad
13-Nov-2005, 18:35
See the following thread re use of long lenses with the Technika:

largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/367146.html (http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/367146.html)

Ole Tjugen
13-Nov-2005, 19:39
I used to use a massive Xenar 300mm f:4.5 in a monstrous Compound #5 on a Technika 5x7".
I now use Compound #3-mounted lenses on a Linhof Color - same front standard and lensboard as the 4x5" Technika.

If you haven't tried a long lens at wide aperture, you don't know what you're missing.

13-Nov-2005, 20:16

Having read your original post I would have asked the same question that Michael asked... and provided an answer in the same vein as he did. However, you made no mention of why you wanted to go the larger f-stop route initially.

That said, if you're using the lens in the studio AND in the field for portrait situations I'm still going to agree with Michael. A larger aperture is, indeed, a nice feature for initial focusing and framing of the image but, at the end of the day, stopping down to the working aperture for critical focusing is still going to be necessary.

I have a SK Symmar 240 f5.6 and 360 f6.8 both mounted in Copal 3 shutters. At one time, I did use the 240 on a Master Technika. I found the camera heavy enough to pack around without the additional weight of one of these big beasts. Secondly, personally speaking, it was a pita to deal with on the standard (but, that's just my opinion.) Obviously, Bart had no issue with this. :)

Nowadays, I use these longer lenses strictly on a Sinar X in the studio.

The lenses I predominantly use on my newly acquired Deardorff 5x7 (with 4x5 reducing back) include a Nikkor 150 f5.6, a Rodenstock 210 f5.6, and a Fujinon 300 f8T. Nice and compact and no need for a Sherpa to haul around the package!

My question would be, "Are you artificially lighting the scenes or are you relying on natural lighting?" If you're not using artificial lighting... then a faster f-stop would be nice for initial focussing. But, you will most likely still stop down for final focusing anyway, correct?. If you are using artificial lighting... then Michael would be right again. The difference between f5.6 and 8 isn't that, that significant! After all, you are controlling the lighting aspects of the scene.

If you're really, really unhappy with your Fujinon 240 f9A and 305 G-Claron... let's talk! :)


Bob Salomon
13-Nov-2005, 23:48
Copal and Compur 3 shutters are easily mounted on a Technika 45 as well as a TK as long as you use the proper board. With some 240 and 300mm lenses the shape of the rear cell requires a specially modified hole as those lenses will not allow the lens board to seat properly unles the board is modified.