View Full Version : waste of time trying out-dated Polaroid?

David Honey
13-Nov-2005, 01:13
I got some old (2001 date-marked) type 59, and a box of 52 and 55 as well. The 59 (color) comes out looking pretty suspect, though I'm not sure how exact my exposures (or 'developments') are. Pretty muddy and Polaroidish, not that I care much -- it's only for practice right now.

Maybe I should leap right in and get some Tri-X, the results with this old stuff would be discouraging to say the least, if I'd been expecting more from it .

Could I have better luck with the b&w types? I heard 52 gives decent prints, and the chemistry might be more stable.

Also, where can I get just a very small amount of Sodium Sulphite to rinse the 55 negs?


Steve Hamley
13-Nov-2005, 05:31

Old Polaroid color seems to have an unsaturated bluish appearance and it does indeed age badly IMO. If you want to shoot the Type 55 negs and the chemistry is bad, just remove them from the packets, load in regular film holders and develop in your favorite soup.

As far as a "small" amount of sodium sulfite, try Photographer's Formulary or Artcraft Chemicals if your local store doesn't have it and can't order it. To make up a quart, you'll need the better part of a pound. But it is cheap.


David A. Goldfarb
13-Nov-2005, 05:33
Past date Polaroid doesn't hold up well, but keep the Type 55. The neg film is Panatomic-X, so you can rate it at EI 32, remove the packet from the holder with the rollers open, and process the negs in regular chemistry, as you would for Panatomic-X.

Many photo stores that sell chemicals stock sodium sulfite, but you could purchase it online from artcraftchemicals.com or photoformulary.com, among other places.

michael meyer
13-Nov-2005, 06:34
For the Type 55, you can use Kodak Hypo Clear or Heico Permawash, also. It's easier than mixing up your own sodium sulfite solution.

David Honey
13-Nov-2005, 11:09
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I guess I'll just use up what Polaroid I've got. Nothing great might come out, but at least it's an incentive to practice setting up and operating the camera; it's been very useful so far in getting some basic experience.



Christopher Keth
20-Jan-2006, 18:48
You bet it's worth it. I have fallen in love with outdated film. I don't use it when I need assured results, but if you're doing your own thing, you can sometimes get some really interesting stuff with outdated film. At the very least, you'll get the process of LF stuff learned.

21-Jan-2006, 10:18
Sounds like the perfect tool for practising your focus tilts.