View Full Version : Lane Speed Plate--Think I Screwed Up

9-Aug-2019, 13:12
I shot four Lane plates last weekend and I'm pretty sure I screwed them up. I have both the ISO 2 and the ISO 25 plates. I think I loaded the 25 and didn't mark the holders, and I do remember shooting them at ISO 2. So, assuming that's what I did, is any attempt at processing them and getting something usable hopeless? My developer on hand is HC-110.

I will add that I do have a red light and the ability to tray process.

Kent in SD

Nodda Duma
9-Aug-2019, 14:22
Kent I’ve done that before. Pull them when they look fully developed. You’ll get a nice dense negative.

The latitude of the plates will accommodate that much overexposure if you pull it in time. .


9-Aug-2019, 20:06
First one looks usuable. HC-110 B, image came up FAST! I though it would take many minutes. Not a lot of shadow detail, might leave the next one in for another 10 seconds or so.

Kent in SD