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David Starr
8-Nov-2005, 15:59
I keep hearing about people walking into good deals, but it never seems to happen to me - until now.

Coming back to Michigan from my cousin's Bed & Breakfast in the Ohio Amish country, I took the long way so I could stop at Midwest Photo. I wandered around a bit - the first time I've ever browsed the whole store - and ended up in the darkroom dept. Dan Focht, their darkroom guy asked if I was looking for anything specific, so I asked if they had any Jobo processors. He said to come downstairs with him, he had a CPP-2 that just came in. If you've never been in the basement there, it's a real treasure trove of older equipment. Parts of enlargers, enlarger condensors, all sorts of misc. bits & pieces. Anyway, the CPP-2 looked good, except for some mineral deposits from water. There were NO chemical stains on it, and it's the newer series with the upgraded electronics & motor. He also had an assortment of tanks he wanted to get rid of.
So, I ended up with the CPP-2, a 3010 expert drum, a 2500 series drum with 5 reels, a 2800 series print drum with extension that will hold a 16x20, the foot pump for the 3010, and a set of new 1000ml bottles for $625.00!

Happy, Happy.

Two commercial plugs.....
Midwest Photo - If you're ever within 100 miles of them, go there. You won't be
www.mthopeinn.com - My cousin's Bed & Breakfast - Our first trip to the Amish Country. Loved
every minute of it.

Ben Diss
9-Nov-2005, 06:58
You did good. I've been playing the FeePay game to get my CPP-2 and 3010 and I paid a lot more than that.