View Full Version : 4x5 film holders not used since 1960s -clean them?

jay moussy
18-Jul-2019, 15:28
I recently got a Pacemaker Speed Graphic, and with it came film holders, some with film still in them!

The whole kit has not been used since the 1960s.

Should I clean the film holders?
Best method?

18-Jul-2019, 21:04
I use a small vacuum to clean my holders just before every load. After loading, they go into ziplock bags until use.

Larry Gebhardt
19-Jul-2019, 02:38
Yes, certainly clean them. If they can be disassembled with screws, like the Kodak ones made by Graflex, do that and thoroughly vacuum the light traps. I’m currently fighting a dust battle with a set of similar aged 5x7 holders. If you don’t clean them, and test them, you are going to ruin some good shots.

Tin Can
19-Jul-2019, 04:27
Some, not all, old film holders and plate holders are pretty clean even after 125 years. Most are crap.

I have some of those very old holders, they were either NOS in box or stored in the closed original camera kit.

I don't expect your location to be extremely dusty, but Western USA can be real bad and some there never get rid of dust...

I have two 5X7 very nice plate holders coming today. They were not cheap but far less than new.

I do blow my holders with either a Rocket blower (https://www.amazon.com/Giottos-AA1900-Rocket-Blaster-Large/dp/B00017LSPI) or a dried filtered low pressure air source.

Don't use canned air for anything. Don't buy it.

Tin Can
19-Jul-2019, 04:34
Just paid for two VGC 1/4 plate wood holders.

Gixen works. Look it up.