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Tin Can
18-Jul-2019, 14:22
X-Ray Processors are now on closeout, one site says Used and later says New!

I doubt any of us will buy them, but there is an interesting YouTube. (https://youtu.be/pbrD9oWd6fo)

Up to 14X17 to dry in 90 seconds. Infrared drying. USED 2015 PROTEC ECOMAX X-RAY FILM PROCESSOR - FREE SHIPPING Look it up on ZZ Medical or not.

Could be neat for a big X-Ray film teaching project.

Then YouTube showed is Durst Filmetta / Tetenal Film Lab 1 Automatic Film Processor (https://youtu.be/KAzWOCgwBvQ)

Old ignored thread, Tetenal Colortec Film-Lab (Durst Filmetta) (https://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?91011-Tetenal-Colortec-Film-Lab-(Durst-Filmetta)&p=889954&viewfull=1#post889954)

Next is 2015 Non Destructive Testing X-Ray Machine which may live on. IDK Automatic x ray film processor for NDT (https://youtu.be/Kru6pfCPMEA)

18-Jul-2019, 22:38
At some point I considered getting one of these and manipulate it (if necessary) to run RA4 paper through it. In principle this should work, but I never went ahead with it.