View Full Version : DIY Viewing Hood

George Stewart
5-Nov-2005, 13:41
After two days of 4x5 fall foliage shooting I've decided that I need a viewing hood - the dark cloth is a drag. I have a Wisner 4x5 Pocket Expedition which viewing hoods are unavailable for. I've considered buying a Cambo or Toyo and modifying it to friction-fit into the ground glass frame of the camera. Ideally, I'd like a folding/magnifying hood made from cherry that would match the camera. This would allow me to backpack with it while ditching the dark cloth and loupe. Perhaps there are some thoughts and suggestions.

5-Nov-2005, 18:41
Hi George: I understand about the dark cloth being a hassle. I have long hair and I have never liked what happens to it under the dark cloth. The mangling of it on the top is what really motivated me to have my old Cambo Reflex hood modified to fit my newer Ebony. I had asked the Ebony representative jokingly about making a reflex hood to match the wood on my SV45U and they thought it would be too expensive. I know you could find a Cambo Reflex hood and have it modified to fit your Wisner. Richard Ritter (http://www.lg4mat.net/) could modify one for you. The Cambo Reflex Hood (http://www.calumetphoto.com/item/CB0220.html?&ac.cat.CatTreeSearch.detail=y&type=SPDSEARCH)does not fold, but it is light weight. Just a thought. Best of luck, Darlene

Ralph Barker
5-Nov-2005, 20:49
Making a folding hood out of wood is somewhat problematic, but not impossible. Having it made on a custom basis, however, would likely be rather expensive. I think I'd opt for continued use of a loupe, however, as the lenses for the magnifying hoods are typically fixed in the center.

Dennis Mairet
9-Nov-2005, 16:10
I use a polarfleece neck gator. The kind with elastic bands at the ends. One end stretches around the 4x5 camera GG frame. I stick my face in the other end. I can get a 4x Toyo loupe on any part of the GG with this configuration.