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5-Nov-2005, 05:10
Hi now that peceptol seems to of disapeared can anyone suggest an alternative .
Thanks terry.

Michael Gudzinowicz
5-Nov-2005, 06:02
Kodak Microdol-X is a nearly identical formulation and will essentially the same results. I'm haven't seen an announcement that Perceptol has been discontinued, and it's still listed under powder developers on the Ilford website. You might want to contact them directly if a shopowner was the information source.


Michael Gudzinowicz
5-Nov-2005, 06:06
I just scanned down to the Ilford thread, and apparently Perceptol is available.

Link from that thread:


Jim Chinn
5-Nov-2005, 06:59
Perceptol is back in production and is being sold once again in Europe.
According to the Ilford-Harman rep on APUG we can expect to see it on the shelves in the US Jan-Feb.

Robert Skeoch
5-Nov-2005, 10:24
You need to check out the apug line


-Rob Skeoch

Sanders McNew
5-Nov-2005, 11:56
At the risk of unwitting heresy: Why Perceptol? I ask as a longtime user of TXP and Rodinal, trying to prepare for a world without Agfa.


Donald Qualls
5-Nov-2005, 14:36
Sanders, get a bottle of Calbe R09 and test it -- you'll probably find it's close enough to Rodinal to ease your transition a lot...

Herb Cunningham
5-Nov-2005, 15:12
I have 8 one liter packets of perceptol that came my way in a purchase of a darkroom.

Any body want these can private email me and we can do business. They are in un opened boxes